Our Story....

We  were a  wonderfully blended family with 3 grown sons, and 3 kiddos still at home in 2005 when our youngest son started asking for a "little sister."  As we were all done home growing our kids, we laughed him off for a little while then realized his voice was a call from God to really look into adoption.  We found our daughter Kat, almost 3 years old as a waiting child and brought her home from China in  October 2006.  

Having seen the blessing her foster family was, we decided to foster US kids and we started out with teens, went on to foster a baby with severe birth defects that passed away with us, then focused on special needs siblings.  We have experience with ADHD, Autism, FAS, RAD, ODD, abuse, neglect as well as experience with teenagers.  

While fostering we were called again to adopt, knowing the plight of older children who age out in China we were led to our daughter, Chloe.  We felt we could blend an older girl into our family.  I (Vickie) traveled Feb 2009 to adopt our teen girl,  thinking, this is it, we are done with China.

But apparently China wasn't done with us. On Adoption Day I was handed a translated police report stating she was abandoned with 2 other children. As this was NOT typical, I asked "Who are these other children?" As the guide inquired and no one responded, she turned to Chloe, our new daughter and asked. Her reply " My brothers."

I was devastated. I could not believe no one had told us. We were going to tear these children apart from one another. I couldn't imagine how she was so sweet and willing to come with me, but she was. I Skyped Dad. He said "We have to do the right thing, we want the brothers."

So I immediately had them call back to the orphanage to find out-
Both brothers were still at the orphanage, the children has been there together for many years. Everyone there knew they were siblings but they were not reported as siblings when the initial came to the orphanage many years prior.  They were all  three teenagers at this point.

We informed them we wanted BOTH boys. We tried to bring home the brothers while still there for Chloe but this was not possible. So I came home. We immediately applied to adopt the brothers.

Through 14 long months, many unknowns, true miracles only God could orchestrate we were approved for both boys.

We traveled May 2, 2010 to adopt both boys. We've named them Chase (tall bro) and Chance (little bro) as Chloe wanted everyone to have "Ch" names:)

We confirmed on our adoption trip for the boys that Chloe and Chance are actually TWINS.

We parent all these kiddos with God's help. We know without Him none of our adoptions would have even happened.  We see the miracles He made happen to get these soon-to-be-6 precious orphans home, to be orphans no longer as the truth of God's power.

We hope you enjoy following along as we reunited these siblings within our family, and God blessed us with another child- our precious Paisley, whom we accepted from another family after her adoption did not work out and she needed a new home.  We have also been blessed to have God show us another daughter to love and treasure, as we venture back to China to bring home Phoebe,  the caboose to our family train:)

We are THRILLED to  blend them within our family giving us 13 children to love.

A HUGE THANKS to the generosity of many people who cared enough to want our children to grow up together, as they should, as the siblings they always were and are again, now forever more.