Tuesday, May 17, 2016


It's not been a month since I posted.....can you believe how "on the ball" I am?  NOT.  

I'm trying though, so that counts for something, right?

We had a busy weekend on Mother's Day.

 I'm still behind on and wishing for pictures of each kid and the lilac bush blooms are gone:(

But I did snap a few pictures while out for lunch for Mom's Day on Saturday since I had to work after church Sunday.

I'm so thankful I get to go to church. And we even managed to do a late supper after I was done working, thanks to Chase who footed the bill for Mom's Day supper :)  I was very spoiled.

My gifts (besides my wonderful children) were new pots and pans which I badly needed and a gift card for my favorite store for clothes.

 Taken for Saturday lunch then shopping at my favorite store where I got a new outfit (I am wearing it in the picture with Chance) that I really like and a new workout top. 

As for the "Awards" title. Wasn't me.... even though I have a tremendous amount of kids-- ha ha!! 

Chance did it. Yep, gotta give a BIG shout out to our son. He had the awards ceremony for the Vocational Technical program he has done (electrical) for the last 3 years of high school.

He got the Hite Company award (tools) and attendance award ($$$--his favorite thing).

It was funny that I knew he hadn't missed any school but when they said about "this student liking consistency," I had no doubt he was getting the award....one thing he thrives on has been consistency. For sure!

He's a very hard worker. He's reliable and willing to work. Has an amazing work ethic.

We are quite proud of him. 

He even rescued me from a little garter snake last week.... I was mowing and didn't that little gross thing come slithering our from the apple tree? Yikes. I do not like snakes at all.

We have quite a few blacks snakes which I leave alone because they are harmless and "good" but any "patterned" snake I am worried could be a copperhead. 

Not Chance....nope. Out he comes to save me and grabs it by the head, assuring me it is not harmful (I'm freaking out by this time, telling him he better be right and not get bitten) because he's got his hand right in there grabbing the squirming thing. 

He declared it stinky, and off he went to relocate the little harmless creature out of my mowing path. Phewww.

What would I do without my Chancey? 

 He also informed me that I "could get dad to show me how to run the lawn tractor."  Seems he was concerned I have been push mowing the whole yard and I don't let him help.

He offers, I say "Nope."  He does do the trimming. But I explained to him I wasn't going to get a work out by riding a tractor to mow.  He wasn't impressed... pretty much looked at me like I was nuts.  Shook his head and said "Okay....."

Chloe and Chance have only a few weeks now till they graduate. Goodness.  Where in the world did my new teens go?  Right in to young adulthood, huh?

Chance has been looking for work. Has not been successful yet.  The issue of coming here as a teen, being placed in a lower grade (although we have NO REGRETS because it helped them tremendously) and now being almost 20, just graduating, no job experience does not go in their favor.

There's no place on job applications to explain arriving here just 6 years ago but I am praying for him to find a job because anyone who does hire him will be thrilled with how hard he works.  He is EXTREMELY motivated by $$. 

Just one of the "things" we have seen with adopting older kiddos, it takes a little more effort for them to obtain jobs and longer for them to mature.  Doesn't make them any less a blessing to us. 

They "fit" perfectly right where they are, graduating and heading out in to the world.  So we continue to stand by our decision to "help" them by giving them more school time and allowing them to mature with kids just a few years younger than them.

The benefits have far outweighed the negatives of this. 

So there's a Mother's Day update and post, hope you all had a lovely Mom's Day!!


Julie said...

See, the job process is so frustrating. Let's talk about how hard he's worked to get where he in 6 short years! He could probably work circles around some of the kids who get jobs easily. Praying right now in Jesus's Most High and Holy Name that someone will see his integrity and work ethic and drive and give him an opportunity to prove himself.

Jenny Leong said...


Great post! Terrific that Chase treated to Mother's Day lunch and you were spoilt on your special Day. Well-deserved.

Would a church member have connections to a company that can utilize Chance's skills? Chance needs to be given a chance (no pun intended here) to demonstrate his work ethic. Commit to the Lord. When is Chloe headed to college? She is spunky, isn't she?

Liu Miao said...

congrats to Chance. It's awesome that he works hard. It is not bad thing to keep them in school longer. It doesn't matter when someone finishes a task, finishing is finishing