Thursday, April 28, 2016

April sunshine

It's been a fantastic thing to see sunshine, warm days, being able to walk, bike, hike and play outside. We love to PLAY!!

We've grilled supper many evenings and are just thrilled to report spring is finally here. We even got down mulch and mowed twice already.

It's such a blessing to be able to go out and enjoy warmer weather and be able to take in the sunshine. So uplifting.

Not too soon for flowers, I started them yesterday with all the front porch pots done, the front flower beds, the back porch pots, also done.

  I have the driveway stone bed and side and back flower beds around the house to do..... loving the colors, the planting, the warm soil... the budding plants with so much promise to come of color filled days of summer.

The kids are all busy with finishing school tests, projects, some field trips coming up.

We've seen one child with RAD make some small steps of improvement, another has regressed.

 At least they take turns at that it seems.... Not a blast to cope with that but it's our life so we do it. Because it's part of the commitment to our kids.

Always hoping, praying and looking for any ways we can help them better/differently to see progress, all while remembering to enjoying the other children and their accomplishments as well.

Got graduation announcements for those 2 twins:)   We did a combined picture/announcement  since it was such a great shot of them (done by sister Malaree) and they would be sending announcements to the same people... of course.

Tomorrow is infusion day for Paisley. The doctor had to up the dose, it's not holding her the 6 weeks it's supposed to:(   It is helping, that's good news but some side effects she's had aren't so great.

 Last one was hives, she hadn't wanted to take the allergy med prior to infusion and ended up with hives and had to take it.

It's set up to go " on board" before the infusion this time so prayers she doesn't have any reaction would be great.

She really needs this medicine to work and keep her mobile. She's been exercising every day (YEAH HER!) and doing what she should do for her part in keeping herself as healthy as possible.

I took her and got her hair cut this week, no new pics of it yet because she's still working with it to get it how she likes it.

She was having trouble managing it being longer so she went shoulder length:)  Good solution for her.

I took Phoebe along and got her new glasses ordered, no pictures of those either because they aren't in yet. She picked black with purple frames that "felt good" on her face.

Her doctor appointment was interesting. She was ordered new glasses because her nearsightedness has worsened.

Has nothing to do with her albinism, glasses don't really help the deficit with that issue other than to have transition lens for blocking the blinding sun for her.

But he also offered a suggestion of correcting her crossing eyes which is very hard to actually notice and would be only to make her eyes "look" more normal. It would not help her eyesight at all.

We are not interested in subjecting her to any surgery for that reason but she asked a few   good questions and didn't freak out which was surprising since she's been worried for some time about needing any surgery on her eyes because the kids at her orphanage told her we were adopting her to "cut her eyes out." ( just to be mean to her because she was getting adopted)

I took these pictures of everyone pre- school one day last week and --- they all look tired! 

Chloe was already gone, can't catch her hardly ever. I told them all my lilac bush is blooming which means it's yearly "sit in chair in front of bush" picture time. 

They all seemed to disappear quickly after I said that????

Don't know what they have against my camera.  Such teens/tweens we live with here......

So that's news for our month of April,  I will have to try harder to post before it's the end of MAY and I am thinking "How did that happen??"

My bad. (As Chance likes to say:)


mom2three said...

Wow, the twins are graduating! Time has gone so fast! Thanks for giving us an update on the clan. I can relate to the RAD back and forth dance. Fortunately, we are in an improving stage. One day at a time.

Maureen said...

I have a teacher friend who is about to have a 1st grade student in her class that came from China and doesn't speak much/any English. Any ideas or resources to pass on to her? (Our district doesn't have many/any ESL from China, Spanish and Arabic speaking countries yes, Mandarin/Cantonese no.)