Friday, March 11, 2016

Guest Post By. Kat.(=^.^=)

Oh, how do you all like that title?

 Isn't Miss Kat creative?  And yes, she has done a guest post.

 I thought it would be fun since she likes to write and it's gives me a break but also gives you all a glimpse in to our world again :) A win/win, right? 

So here it is------- BY KAT

   We're off from school for a 3 day weekend after a whole bunch of big tests. Another load of tests is taking up a whole week of school (or two) coming up in April.

 I should start a countdown for summer to come, a school free season. It already feels like summer for a few days with spring coming just around the corner. We saw some geese fly north, and leaves are starting to grow on trees. 

Even though a lot of people have told me that this school year is  flying by, to me it feels like decades due to about eight hours of long classes, and of course, a lunch break. All of that takes up 5/7 of each week, and about 3/4 of each year.

 We are getting outside more with the warm weather. I like to play with my soccer ball. Camden likes to throw his football around. Mom and Dad like to go walk and ride bikes, and play with the basketball & hoop.

But there are also some things we like to do inside the house too! Playing the keyboard, table tennis, and air hockey. But of course I wait until all my homework is done to go and play.  

  I feel my hair is getting long since the last time I got a hair cut. My hair was just straight, but then I got layers while my hair was cut. So the Pros of that are that, my hair isn't always bugging me, it is easier to comb and wash, and it feels more full... (even though it is less) and the Cons of it are that, when I try to braid my hair at first, the layers popped out everywhere. But eventually hopefully, they will grow out.

     Our cat, Toffee is getting pretty spoiled. When it is cold outside we usually let her in the house. Even though she has a comfy bed with memory foam, food available at all times, and a bowl of water in the garage. 

Even if the bowl of water runs out ( we make sure to refill it) she still has a water hose to turn the knob simply, and she will get water. (Mom here-- no our cat is not talented enough to turn on a water faucet, thank goodness)

But when she is in the house we usually feed her canned food that is moist, and she likes that the best. But whenever she is in the garage, I've noticed her food bowl has been at the same amount from time to time.

So at one time I gave her the canned food, she eats it. She was waiting for the good stuff all along.  (Smart cat and Kat:)

So other stuff (me here again) going on--

Good report at doctor for Paisley. New infusion medication and her daily (yep, something finally "clicked for her") exercising is improving her mobility.  She is walking much better and in much less pain. Behavior has improved a little too, which we are sure that hurting constantly affects that.

Things are still going along smoothly.... glad to be able to say that.  Not going to say they are "perfect"--but then this is real life and it's rarely perfect, now is it.  It's good and we are thankful for "GOOD". 

We still have (and probably will for a long time) issues with one child who will go great time lengths refusing to speak to me.....and here's my take on that--- Oh, well. BTDT.  

Yep.  I don't stress it. This child goes without stuff too, because there would be times they should speak up to ask for things but they won't (totally common RAD behavior) so they miss out. They know this too. If it bothers them it's not enough for them to talk?

I, on the other hand, continue to care for them with no regards to them speaking to me or not. It's THEIR ISSUES, THEIR LOSS.  I can not take that burden on because it's theirs and they choose to not want to work on/ admit they have any issues.

 As one friend said to me -- "My skin must be so thick!" Yes, it is. (The tattoo still hurt though- ha ha!!)   And I trust in God that He is guiding us with the strength to parent these tough ones.

And we move right along each day loving and caring for all of them. Because that's what family life is about.

I hit some personal goals this past week too-- 1000 miles since I started logging workouts.  300 workouts too.  100+ pounds lost.  AND (much to my mother's dismay, I am sure) rewarded myself with a tattoo session.

I finally added to my leg tattoo for all the kids, 2 more flowers and Chinese names of Paisley and Phoebe.  And all the older kids names too, it honors them all. 

 I had put it off (It HURTS) but really wanted to get it done and said I would at 100 lbs loss with healthy lifestyle living. And here I am. 

I also got a few others-- "Faith" on my wrist written like a cross.  I was very happy how they turned out. 

I'll leave some stuff to blog about again soon, some progress the twin seniors here are making in looking forward to graduation in June and becoming adults/ their future plans.  Plus we have Phoebe's birthday coming up and Easter, my favorite holiday of all.

We didn't get to have much of a celebration for Chloe's Gotcha Day, she worked till late and we gave her a gift.  We did go to the kids favorite Chinese buffet restaurant for Chinese New Year which we were able to get them all together to go for that--- they still love their food so that's not usually hard to convince them about that:)))

Chase had to work but he wants to take me and dad out to eat soon, so he says.  Chance has planned a "wing night" at a favorite place of his that he found with some school friends and is taking us to that soon. Funny they are now old enough they are taking US out to dinner, huh?

They are wonderful and helpful kiddos, all of them, just like the good sport Kat was when I suggested she help get a post up.  Hope you enjoyed her "take" on things:)


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Vickie~~~You look smashing!! Kat is quite the writer - looking forward to more of her guest posts.

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