Tuesday, March 29, 2016

As March ends

It's been a busy month and flown by like nobody's business.

Easter was a beautiful service at church.  Our Savior died for our sins and then rose again. WOW.  So amazingly powerful to know Him! We are so THANKFUL!

Next we were off to Grandma's for Easter lunch and then the yearly egg hunt to follow.

We had a great time with all the kids, well, the ones who made it there.... many had to work or were "otherwise engaged" so they weren't able to all be there this year.

Phoebe's birthday happened on the 20th.  She was very excited to pick chocolate chip cookies for in her homemade ice cream cake.

Kat braided her hair for her and she waited all day for her party to happen.  She's very happy she's now 12! Our youngest girlie.  12. That's hard to believe but so very true.

We had a great conversation about "birth mom" and abandonment a few days after her birthday. She's growing up and has a good understanding of how special her life is:)  And  more importantly she knows how much God loves her.

Phoebe got gifts for her birthday, of course,  but also some cash and so after the church egg hunt on Saturday dad stopped off and let her shop. For shoes.  Yep, SHOES. 

 Can't say I don't understand that because I was heartbroken that losing weight meant my feet would even shrink and new shoes had to be part of the new wardrobe. I LIKED my old shoes.

But she picked out some snazzy sneakers, blue, NOT pink, of course. She doesn't like anything pink.  Kat's favorite color- PINK.  Of course on that too:)

Gotta give you an idea of who else likes some "bling" around here.  This girl who calls her car the "grandma car" then goes and buys EYELASHES for the car? And pink fuzzy wheel covering? 

 She's too funny.  She tried to tell me the eyelashes would "look good" on my car, uh, NO. Not going to be seeing those silly things on my car any time soon (or ever) but one thing it does do--- I certainly know it's her coming when you see those crazy eyelash things on her car.

All the better to get out of her way- HA ha.  She's actually a very good driver, quite cautious out there.

Everyone here continues to do well.  We are enjoying their progress in to spring and nearing the end of the school year. Can't say our 2 seniors are carefree-- no, they take adult life quite serious and are both stressing about future choices for their lives. Both have been reassured (of course) that we want them to get jobs/ go on in school but they are also able to live here and we still will provide a home for them. 

It's funny how we take for granted  that as teens we expect to continue to help but we have to reassure them because they think they  will graduate and should immediately be independent.

We remind them Chase wasn't able to do that for many months and not all the older kids were set on more schooling, some were but we are here to help them all navigate those things. Typically they think they know it all:)  Didn't we all think that our senior year? I know I did!!!

I'll leave you with pics of Easter, none of Chance with his basket, he was doing a job for someone so not home on Easter Sunday till later and didn't have to "hunt" his basket down.

Happy Easter to ALL!!


Jennie said...

HaHa~~~the car has such bewitching (lovely) eyelashes! That is too funny. Thank you for sharing your Easter with your readers.

Miao Liu said...

love your blog. I love reading about your family