Thursday, January 14, 2016

Three Years

And here we are.  Three whole years since we met Miss Phoebe. 

Things about her--

She loves wearing red (and she looks good in it too)

She's a very quick learner in school, works very hard

She doesn't have a mean bone in her body, is very compassionate

She's very artistic

She's learned about and lives for God

She is legally blind, but you would never guess that

She loves food, all of it and lots of it except for carrots and mashed/ baked potatoes

Year one for us was tough.  Not gonna lie. It came to our attention (through things she finally shared) that she was not prepared in ANY way for the adoption.  She was CLUELESS.

And add on to this she was threatened  she had to come with me and was not told her foster mother was not her bio grandmother, which Phoebe did, in fact, believe she was.  (She is not)

 This was a terrible situation to burden her with. Because she basically believed we "took her" from her grandma and had no understanding that being adopted in to a family was a good thing :(

This explained her anger, her outrage with us. She didn't want to be forced to do things "grandma" had always done FOR her without question. 

 But it's not so cute when she's going on 9 coming here and can't dress herself. We did, indeed, seem "mean" and made her learn.

Year 2 saw her getting more of what "family" was about and we've seen her make huge leaps and bounds of progress.

She's in middle school this year and that's been a whole new experience for her.

We can only imagine what this 3rd year will bring for her, good things we are sure because she's such a special and wonderful girl.  And now we can say "You've been home 3 YEARS!" Which, to be honest, is usually followed up with "And you are still slurping food?"  HA HA!! 

Happy "Gotcha" Day Phoebe!! Love her tons :)


K said...

Happy Family Day! I remember those LONG phone calls we used to have during your VERY, VERY, VERY LOOOONG wait for Phoebe. She's pretty and I really like her sweater.

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