Thursday, January 14, 2016

Three Years

And here we are.  Three whole years since we met Miss Phoebe. 

Things about her--

She loves wearing red (and she looks good in it too)

She's a very quick learner in school, works very hard

She doesn't have a mean bone in her body, is very compassionate

She's very artistic

She's learned about and lives for God

She is legally blind, but you would never guess that

She loves food, all of it and lots of it except for carrots and mashed/ baked potatoes

Year one for us was tough.  Not gonna lie. It came to our attention (through things she finally shared) that she was not prepared in ANY way for the adoption.  She was CLUELESS.

And add on to this she was threatened  she had to come with me and was not told her foster mother was not her bio grandmother, which Phoebe did, in fact, believe she was.  (She is not)

 This was a terrible situation to burden her with. Because she basically believed we "took her" from her grandma and had no understanding that being adopted in to a family was a good thing :(

This explained her anger, her outrage with us. She didn't want to be forced to do things "grandma" had always done FOR her without question. 

 But it's not so cute when she's going on 9 coming here and can't dress herself. We did, indeed, seem "mean" and made her learn.

Year 2 saw her getting more of what "family" was about and we've seen her make huge leaps and bounds of progress.

She's in middle school this year and that's been a whole new experience for her.

We can only imagine what this 3rd year will bring for her, good things we are sure because she's such a special and wonderful girl.  And now we can say "You've been home 3 YEARS!" Which, to be honest, is usually followed up with "And you are still slurping food?"  HA HA!! 

Happy "Gotcha" Day Phoebe!! Love her tons :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Funny enough, as I was stressing getting a post up this was my calendar quote for today--

The thing about blogging is that it is our real lives,
it's just not the FULLNESS of real life.

This is so very true! It's why I struggle to be able to post as much as I have in the past.

 It's just not the "fullness" and I want to do justice to blog posts so they have slowed down and will probably continue to do so.  We are living life, we gotta do the full deal, here in real life. You know?

So as time marches on......... 2016 here you are, ready or not!

The new year brings questions.....what will we DO this year? Will it be the year we see 2 of our precious ones graduate and spread their wings in to the vast world of "adult life?"  

Probably, yes. Chance and Chloe will (most likely and they better!!) Graduate high school and head out in the world. 

Chloe was accepted in to college (yeah!!!) Which is a HUGE accomplishment for her. Chloe girl is incredibly smart and blows us away that she has only been here going on 7 years (for real) and she been accepted to a really good college. Wow.

She's not sure it's her path yet though. She's still "undecided" as to what she will do/become. Which is fine, she's got time to "find" herself.

Chance is certain "no more school"--school has not been easy for him and he will not  be  torturing subjecting himself to "extra".

Which is okay because he took Vo Tech in high school and has job skills. Another plus for him--he is an extremely hard worker.

Chase, Chloe and Chance all have incredible motivation/work ethic. Always have. 

Give them a job, doesn't matter what it is and you get your money's worth with no complaints, slacking, or whining if overtime is needed. They  are also on time, don't call off and up for picking up hours if needed.

Any employer's dream, I'm telling you :) 

So other than knowing what lies ahead for our senior twins, what else will this year bring?

We have no idea do we? Nope. And that's truly ok..... Yes, I wrote that. Us, grown ups...parents of 12+ HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS TO COME. We like to think we know. It's only responsible, you know?

But really, we don't. Because yet again, for another year of our lives we will hand over the control we soooo love to Him. God. Our Father who knows us and has blessed us beyond measure. 

And no matter what this New Year brings He will guide our way through.

It may be tough, it may be easy.... He hasn't promised easy but He has promised to never leave us.

Therefore we will weather whatever this year brings because we have Him. 

We've seen some huge leaps of progress, had some rough waters lately. Isn't that always how it is? Yes, and its called "life."

  Where we see one son maturing and finding his way to better grasp the meaning of family we have given him, another showed some disrespect and made poor choices.

Nothing surprising to us, we've seen this "I want to be independent" attitude before with others. Only their wish to be independent doesn't match up with their wallets, bank accounts, employment, wheels, etc........

So after older brother (who pulled the same crap on us 2 years ago) stepped up to tell younger brother to knock it off and stop "being stupid" about not respecting our home/rules to get the benefits of free living.... you could have blown us away with a feather. 

Now if anyone could get through to the next stubborn one in line??? Ha ha. We can only hope and pray there:)

Our wish for 2016 is the same. Happy,  as healthy as possible kiddos who know God. 

 That God provides and we are able to meet their needs and He will guide us through life, forgive our shortcomings and help us continue to show His unconditional love through us. 

We have His love and His strength which is more than enough to see us through this new year. We have love and joy planned for 2016.

Welcome New Year. 2016. Welcome.