Thursday, November 12, 2015

Phoebe's heart

At Phoebe's summer check up the doctor thought she heard a heart murmur. So we were referred to a pediatric heart specialist, same one we go to for Paisley :)

Her appointment took months to get, and today was the day.....

She indeed does have a heart murmur. And it's no biggie. Just a "different sound" to her very normal and well functioning heart.  They did find she has a tiny area of narrowing of a vessel coming from her heart to left lung. What does this mean?

Nothing, really. She was born with it, it's very, very minor. If they weren't looking for the cause of heart murmur they wouldn't have ever seen it. So good news all around. She has no restrictions and doesn't even need yearly follow up, it's that minor. And this issue is not the cause of the murmur.  

She was quite happy, she had tons and tons of questions about everything they did (EKG and Echo for us medical folks) and the only part she didn't care for was the icky gel she somehow got in her hair. Thank goodness it was clear gel.... her hair collects color quite easy since it's got no pigment.

It was an opportunity to spend some 1 on 1 time with Phoebe, there isn't a whole lot of that with 6 kiddos at home.

She said at one point something about the "girls" all wanting clothes? I thought she meant us buying them clothes, but no, she meant that Chloe has eyed up my new smaller duds, yes, some are in her size.

And besides it being a pain that they give all my clothes to Chloe when they sort clothes, apparently Phoebe was eyeing up my top I had on today, said she liked it,  and was hinting she wanted to be able to "borrow" my clothes.

Stinker.  I think not. Although, she's growing like crazy.  Her and Kat both.  Almost as tall as me, both of them. That happened way too fast!

Paisley started her new medication last week. She goes again next week for another infusion. Unfortunately she was not able to get joint injections/ do the rehab hospital stay because of insurance issues:(

But she's been doing daily exercises so something sunk in to her stubborn brain about maintaining her own health, thank goodness for that. And that the new med seems to be helping so far. The weather here is turning colder which is hard on her joints so it's an uphill battle right there. We are praying it get ahead of her arthritis issues and gives her the best relief she can get.

Football and Field Hockey are over.  Chloe is working more now that she doesn't have field hockey.

Camden is "borrowing" my new exercise machine, my treadmill which allows for exercise when we are having bad weather. It took some getting used to for me, having walked all summer outside. And I still prefer that, did 4 miles today when the sun peaked out after pouring rain this morning. 

But it's a wonderful alternative for our healthy living and we are going to get plenty of use of it this winter. It's got some neat work out settings that are quite challenging, and yes, I've fallen off already--- no injuries.

Just had to laugh at myself for not paying attention and falling off:)

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K said...

Ah, I like the treadmill. I was wondering what you were going to do when the snow came. Can you put the treadmill in front of a window so you can at least look outside, or do you watch TV?

Please call me sometime!

Great news about Phoebe's heart being okay :)