Sunday, November 29, 2015

Giving Thanks

We had to give God multiple thanks this Thanksgiving year. Firstly we had a great day, plenty of food, family and fun.

Not one meltdown for the first holiday in 3 years! Hubby and I were shocked when we talked about it later. Seems everyone was able to handle the day and enjoy the family time...whoo hoo! 

What a nice place to be:) Seeing progress and able to enjoy all of our company on the holiday. 

We had 2 turkeys and a ham again this year. I think for Christmas it will be 2 hams and 1 turkey. The ham seems to be hit harder than the turkey, so might just reverse it so we have plenty. 

Hubby braved the early sales with the kids.... couldn't believe they went shopping after lunch. Makes me sad to see the holiday become a shopping day:(

 But we always eat early so our lunch was over.... Hubby and I did venture out on Black Friday. 

We haven't done that in years and we didn't do any of the "super early" craziness, but arrived later and still got great deals on what all the kids asked for... clothes! Yep, they all are wanting apparel with a few games thrown in there. Made it really easy on us. Just had to try to find what each one likes/fits. 

Did I actually write it was "easy on us?" Uh, no. It's not. They are pretty picky which makes it tough. But we did get wish lists from them and did our best. While we were out shopping the kids so kindly got the tree up! 

Usually we have it up way before now, but I was quite busy last week when I took a wish trip to Florida with a client for work. And I was WARM for a whole week. Thinking I should LIVE in Florida :) loved being in shorts every day, sunshine, warm temps.

I bought myself this from the trip, I mean how could I resist it?  Hubby got a mug with "FATHER OF ALL THINGS" on it.  Just too fitting, don't ya think? I wore my shirt for Thanksgiving:)   

It was a not-so-fun shock to return to 38 degrees, but return I did. Having missed my family tons and next thing I knew it was Thanksgiving so our Christmas decorating waited till after Thanksgiving like it should. Even if we have had Christmas music playing since October....We are just weird like that :) 
We are ever thankful to God for each of our family members and for His provisions for our family. Our table held plenty for all to eat and our Christmas shopping is well under way with God always providing for our needs and even giving us quite a few of the "wants"  as well. 

We shared our day with all our kids, our niece and family, even my bro and  his family stopped by later for the "second round" of meal:) 

Derrik missed my pictures somehow but he and a co worker with no family in the area also got the late meal since they had to work earlier. Was happy so many were able to come.

Hoping your day was just as peaceful and pleasant as ours was :) 

Happy Thanksgiving!  

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