Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mid Autumn Moon Festival and October Birthdays begin

We couldn't see the "blood" moon because of the clouds but it was no less special that Mid Autumn Moon time was here.

I had the moon cakes all ready. No trying to make them for me this year, they were purchased at a local Asian store where the lady who rang up my purchases was given the story of our kiddos. 

Not something I usually share randomly but when I told her I couldn't read the sign in Chinese of pricing for the moon cakes but my kids could (none  of the kids were with me, wanted them to be a surprise) she wanted to know how that was.

And she said she had thought about adopting a child herself. I just love when God plants a seed :)

So we had our kumquat, green tea and orange moon cakes. YUM.

Next was the first birthday girl of October, there's FOUR of us birthday girls this crazy month of October as well as a wedding anniversary (WHY NOT? I said as we planned that) for us. 

Crazy, I tell ya.  I didn't even factor in football and field hockey would be up and running within October as well. But as we always do, we manage.

Paisley was the birthday girl up first, if you were wondering.  18.  Yep, I know, hard to believe. She's still (and will always be) the size of a 9 year old. I do believe her face is maturing though, but that might just be because I know she is 18.

Most people don't believe it. In a way that's good for her, because the maturity is not there.  Just isn't caught up yet and may never be. It's part of older child adoption, the endless "catching up" that never quite gets there.

Add in any issues of any kind-- attachment, physical, learning, intellectual delay--- even just orphanage care for so many years and you are going to see this lack of maturity for a long, long time.

Even so, there's a ton of good within this child/ now called adult and she had lots of room to grow. We love her unconditionally and now can show her that even though we are not legally required to take care of her any longer, we will be continuing to take care of her.

Sounds kinda weird huh? But seriously, this is a HUGE way to show her what being a part of this family means.

 She will continue to receive the care and love that she needs when we do not HAVE TO do it.  It was a big eye opener for Chase when we continued to love and care for him though some really rough waters even after he was 18.

Paisley has been making more effort to increase her strength lately, and we are thrilled to see her doing more.

A monumental birthday for our precious Paisley girl. 

18 years old.  WOW. She's an amazing person, stoic and strong in so many ways.

We love her and hope she enjoyed her 18th birthday celebration!! 


Miao Liu said...

I think her face is starting to mature

Jo's Corner said...

Happy Birthday, Paisley! You have changed so much over the past few years. You are such a beautiful young woman and you are in the very best family for you! I have prayed for you, starting even before you came into this family and it is such a blessing to see how loved you are. I will continue to pray for strength in your body and for growth in your heart and soul. - Jo Moseley