Friday, October 23, 2015

Birthday and Anniversary

Yes, the party (ha ha) continues around here.

This week was my birthday-- 48 years young, feeling like I don't know how that happened?  Where did my 30's go?

On my birthday I hit 80 lbs of weight loss.  Yes, I did.  And yes, I had it to lose. That seems to be a big thing everyone says "I didn't think you had that much to lose."

 Okay, I did:)

And I'm happy to say it's gone. Continuing on to my healthy lifestyle, no magic around here. No pills, drinks, surgery, nada.  Exercise and eating healthy.

Can't say it enough that the benefits are HUGE for this family to have me as healthy as possible.

And then today we have a wedding anniversary-- 16 years for me and hubs.

Now it's not always been smooth sailing through blending of families, adding in more, adoption, fostering, just writing it seem like a bunch of crazy. 

 But it's one thing that's been so solid and good. Hubs and me. We both had been deeply hurt before and it was hard on us both. 

We have one of the neatest " love stories" because we dated very young then went our separate ways and met up years later then married. 

I believe we have always appreciated each other more because we knew what we had was special and I couldn't love this guy more.

I thank God for the blessing of him in my life:)



Karen said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! and CONGRATULATIONS on the 80 pounds!

rachel garber said...

You look killer! It's inspired me to get my butt into gear finally.