Monday, September 14, 2015

Camden is 15!

This past week was Camden' s birthday! He's 15 ....So hard to believe. 

Phoebe asked him on his birthday morn if he was "sure" it was his birthday, hmm, yes. He was sure.

Guess when you have kiddos that don't know for sure of birth dates, that's what questions get asked even of the bio kids? 

 I am pretty sure she knows he's not Chinese or was ever an orphan?

Camden is a great big brother and little brother to all though, no matter how he's become their brother, through birth or adoption. 

We had delicious ice cream cake, of course. His is different from the others with chocolate chip cookies crumbled in the middle layer.

I've heard Kat already requesting mini M&M' s for hers next month. 

 This year brought amazing growth to Camden, he's got contacts for the first time, although he only uses them for football because he prefers glasses. He's gotten braces on. He grew taller than me. 

 My redheaded boy growing up too fast. Couldn't love him more, he's a very special dude:)
 Happy 15 th Birthday Camden, our precious SONShine!! 

Someone else growing up way too fast-- Chloe.  She's got her first car.

YIKES world, watch OUT!  Ha ha!  She's thrilled to be a car owner. 
Although when her and dad came to pick me up from work HE was driving. To "check everything out." 
 But then we stopped to show her how to pump gas and not put diesel fuel in her car-- she told me to drive it the rest of the way home-- you know, to "try it out." 
Might be a TINY bit scared of her new-to-her wheels?

Guess she has time to get used to them:)

Between football (Camden) and field hockey (Chloe)  it's been a whirlwind of practices, games and washing stinky sports equipment.

 It will be helpful to have Chloe able to drive if needed.

Halfway through September already, leaves are starting to turn colors and fall.......

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K said...

Whoa - a car? Funny that she seems nervous to drive it, but I completely understand. I was the same way, but in my case, I had to tackle rush hour traffic over the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge the next day.