Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Paying the Piper

Who made up that phrase anyway? Paying the piper?

I guess it doesn't matter. What matters is we have a child who is now paying this unknown "piper."

I mentioned before that Paisley was refusing to move all summer.  Flat out refused. Was told she had to be moving. Shown the huge example of her very own family getting healthier by moving.

Yesterday's doctor visit was time to face the music.

She has lost 8 lbs of MUSCLE.  She's barely walking. She is swollen and actively inflamed in multiple joints.

Her (lack of) action over the summer made the injections done in late May null and void because she should have been moving the joints injected to get the maximum benefit of those injections:(

It was quite painful to hear what all her stubbornness has caused. The doctor and her nurse were very kind but also very frank with Paisley. Told her she is going to have pain. She's not going to ever be totally healed. And no one knows why she has this issue of arthritis but she DOES have it.

And she's got to take care of her own health as best she can to preserve her ability to walk. Thank God for school because it's helped with forcing her walk and gain back a slight amount of mobility. 

It becomes even more difficult when you add in the attachment/ emotional issues and the fact that we will see her turn 18 in a few weeks but is functioning at a much lower mentality.  Creates all kinds of issues because she's expected to be responsible for her own health decisions/ needs when she is 18. YIKES.

She was asked if she was willing to go inpatient because her doctor wants to inject her joints, start a new med infusion ( that she can only get once 18 years old due to insurance approval) and then make her do physical therapy in a rehab type setting to get maximum benefit for her.

She did agree. And they want to work on some of the emotional baggage she's got from being in chronic pain. Depression is very clearly a factor for her. The problem has been ongoing as to getting her any help because she refuses to talk about anything. And there has to be some willingness on her part to want to work on any of her issues.

We've walked this road of stubborn/ emotional growth stunted/ attachment difficulties before (sigh) and aren't surprised to see this.
 We live with the difficulties daily and continue on with her care and loving her through God's grace.

It's sometimes the road we must walk with an older adopted child. It does not mean she's a "bad person" or that she's not a blessing. She most certainly is a very special and treasured part of this family and is given unconditional love :) 

We  want what is best for her and would love to see her get more mobile to be able to enjoy something we got to do this past weekend. UPRISE 2015.

At Shippensburg PA, multiple Christian bands over 2 days (stayed at my brother's) while grandma stayed here with the ones who didn't go. (THANKS  again, grandma) We had a blast.

It was hot, yes, but to see 15,000 people in the first day  (last year was 10,000 the whole 2 day event) worshiping God  through a favorite venue of everyone in our family ----MUSIC, was AMAZING.

It was really special. And Paisley loves music so it would be so much fun for her to be able to go to a gathering such as Uprise.  Hopefully it can be an incentive for her and we can see that happen next year.

Always we will pray for and we WILL have HOPE for the best for our precious girl:)

Will you please add her to your prayers as well for her health, mind and body and her upcoming treatment plan? 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Camden is 15!

This past week was Camden' s birthday! He's 15 ....So hard to believe. 

Phoebe asked him on his birthday morn if he was "sure" it was his birthday, hmm, yes. He was sure.

Guess when you have kiddos that don't know for sure of birth dates, that's what questions get asked even of the bio kids? 

 I am pretty sure she knows he's not Chinese or was ever an orphan?

Camden is a great big brother and little brother to all though, no matter how he's become their brother, through birth or adoption. 

We had delicious ice cream cake, of course. His is different from the others with chocolate chip cookies crumbled in the middle layer.

I've heard Kat already requesting mini M&M' s for hers next month. 

 This year brought amazing growth to Camden, he's got contacts for the first time, although he only uses them for football because he prefers glasses. He's gotten braces on. He grew taller than me. 

 My redheaded boy growing up too fast. Couldn't love him more, he's a very special dude:)
 Happy 15 th Birthday Camden, our precious SONShine!! 

Someone else growing up way too fast-- Chloe.  She's got her first car.

YIKES world, watch OUT!  Ha ha!  She's thrilled to be a car owner. 
Although when her and dad came to pick me up from work HE was driving. To "check everything out." 
 But then we stopped to show her how to pump gas and not put diesel fuel in her car-- she told me to drive it the rest of the way home-- you know, to "try it out." 
Might be a TINY bit scared of her new-to-her wheels?

Guess she has time to get used to them:)

Between football (Camden) and field hockey (Chloe)  it's been a whirlwind of practices, games and washing stinky sports equipment.

 It will be helpful to have Chloe able to drive if needed.

Halfway through September already, leaves are starting to turn colors and fall.......

Monday, September 7, 2015

First week in

First week of school has passed right by. And I have heard surprisingly LITTLE.

 This is a GOOD thing.... No complaints, concerns,  the fears of the "unknown" have been eased.

No one has gone to school and been sucked in to a black hole never to return from it.

We only had one issue we could have done without... Paisley fell and hit her head. She was trying to get through a door and someone who was trying to be kind pushed the door for her without them realizing (or her) that she was leaning heavily on the door and it threw her off balance. 

 A big goose egg knot on her head, trip home early from school and she's just fine. I can't believe she only hit her head, but are we ever so thankful she did only hit her head and not break a hip or something much worse. 

 Speaking of her hip, it was quite sore this week... totally for an unnecessary reason. I was so mad!

We saw a new doctor in our regular doctor's practice and she didn't realize (??)  from me lifting Paisley to the exam table or me telling her she has arthritis all over or seeing her moving that her hip could not, would not, bend up and she tried to MAKE it. Yikes. 

I was saying "She can't do that!" And Paisley was crying out before she stopped (too late!)  And ended up in tears which says a TON because we only see that when she is really really hurting.

We won't be going back to see that doctor again:(  We will just stick with the one who knows us....

We tried to go to a field hockey game for Chloe but it got stormed out. We did get to see a scrimmage for football for Camden. 

 Now that Chloe has gotten her DRIVER'S LICENSE,  she is    (drum roll)........ getting a CAR!  Seriously.  She's excited/ scared, Chance is jealous and stating he wants a job.  Overheard him asking Chloe for help to apply for local jobs:)

Really praying Chloe can drive safely this winter. She is extremely cautious.

Chance is a bit less cautious aka reckless, but he's renewing his permit.  He drove once and thought he would be ready to test? Uh, no.  

Everyone enjoyed the long weekend, holiday break even though I had to work today. We cooked out early:)

Hubby and I went on a hike yesterday, couldn't get any of the kids interested in going? 

 We hiked over 7 miles, got lost, but I was still thrilled to be able to go on a 7 mile HIKE.  So pretty, peaceful and I kept up with hubs!

Back to school tomorrow they go, I'm so thankful they are settled in quickly and fairly painlessly this school year. 

They all seem to be doing well and are liking their teachers/ schedules and handling all the new changes of schools/ classes well:)