Thursday, August 27, 2015

School begins

How in the world did this come so fast? SCHOOL YEAR 2015-2016

Two Seniors- Chloe and Chance

Sophomore -- Paisley

Freshman-- Camden

And the last 2 of our 12 children are SIXTH GRADERS this year. Yes, indeed. Look how grown up they all look!! 

For the FIRST TIME in 25 YEARS there is no child of ours in elementary schools.

WOW.  The kiddos all leave at the same time and come home basically at the same time.

There's football and field hockey this year so 2 stay after for their sports.

The Middle School transition was not an easy one for Phoebe. She was taken to the school previously a couple of times to acclimate herself to the size of school, how she would get around, to ease her fears.

It didn't really work. Come orientation night last week, they sent parents to cafeteria and new 6th graders to auditorium and gave them their first glimpse of their schedules.  Not a wise decision-- at all.

No accommodations made for Phoebe meant she could not even SEE her tiny printed schedule, Kat was scheduled WITH her which I had made very clear was NOT to be.

The girls have struggled to get along.  No secret there.  They do not do well together.  Phoebe wants Kat to do things for her she should do herself.  Kat gets mad being dumped on and becomes snotty toward Phoebe. It's just not healthy for either girl.

So after orientation I went off to work night shift and emailed vision instructor about the schedule print size, the guidance counselor about the schedules, and the ESL teacher about the schedules. 

When I got home in the am, left messages for principal and director of student services about schedules.

Let's just say it wasn't going to be "let go."  So by the time I slept and got up I had a return call and schedule was changed to new team for Kat. 

Phoebe and Kat both were rescheduled a tour of the school for yesterday. 

 There were 3 girls being considered for "buddies" for Phoebe, mainly to get her to the correct classes that they are headed to anyway.

I think it will go well. Not 1 buddy with her all the time because Phoebe tends to be "needy" and sometimes overwhelming people with those needs. So more than 1 buddy will ease that issue and not have her relying too much on any one girl. We hope.

The vision teacher was to be at school for this morning to make sure Phoebe does ok.  Phoebe has known her for years and is very comfortable with her.

We met up with 2 of the "buddy"  girls yesterday at our personal tour of the school which made Phoebe even more comfortable.

  And Kat got to see where her new classes were going to be. And the ESL teacher had made Phoebe larger print schedules in an easier format for Phoebe to follow.

Before the tour yesterday I also met with Director of Student Services to update Paisley's accommodations.

Paisley has not done well health wise over the summer:(

And we have figured out a big reason why she declines every summer when most arthritic people do better from the warm temps and getting out more.......

Paisley refused to move. Even as we enjoyed better health from all our walking  and she saw this all summer. Even when her nurse mother told her she needed to be walking every single day..... she laid in bed and refused to walk anymore than she HAD to and deeply affected her mobility.

 It made me terribly sad, but as I told her doctor, she's nearly 18 and I can't force her.

So we determined it would be better for her to go to school via van.  The bus steps are just too high for her to do herself and we can't expect ( although they would do this if they can) her siblings to hoist her in and out of the bus. The bigger kids aren't always ON the bus to do that.

We also got in place wheelchair use allowed if she wears out today and for the first few weeks, till we see how she does.  I am really hoping to see her gain some strength as she HAS to walk each day in school because we do not want her wheelchair bound before she HAS to be. 

It's a shame the stubbornness can't be channeled in to something HEALTHY, huh?  But hoping to see her "forced movement" throughout the school day improve her mobility soon. In the meantime we make accommodations to try to make her school days be the best they can be for her as well.

So what am I doing with all this "time" I have today?  After the van got Paisley (I lifted her in) I took off for a 4 mile walk..... yep, I did. Enjoyed it too.

Can't wait for my treadmill to arrive next week--- yes, it's going to be a necessity since we get snowed in quite often and if you don't believe me look back at last winter's posts. Not going to be risking it out in THAT. 

I DID fall last weekend. The kids were sooo funny. It was just dad and I but when they saw my "boo boos" they asked if he pushed me?  Crazy kids.  Of course he didn't. 

 But I did tease him that he didn't catch me either...... not nice because he couldn't have. I slipped off the edge of the road and my foot twisted.

Couldn't recover and down I went. I was soooo worried when I first started walking that I would fall and get hurt.

I'm not the most coordinated person:)  But I scraped an elbow, the knee too. Bruised a hip.  Got up, shook off and continued for 3 more miles.... and I am fine. Was happy to know I can fall and it didn't stop me.

So one less worry off my mind, because I survived my first fall and am no worse off.  Still not risking walking in ice/ snow conditions. Just so you know MOM.......

Did you see who is BACK?? Mr. Chance! Arrived YESTERDAY, just in time for school, nothing like the last minute, huh? 

He greeted me with open arms to hug me. Gosh, he's just the sweetest kid.  Such a blessing. Glad he's not too old to hug his momma still. 

Hope you read that Donovan...... not buying that you are too old to hug me!!

I'm betting this year will fly by, Chance is already talking about graduation party, etc... oh goodness, I'm just not ready for that to happen YET.  Guess I don't get a choice, they are all growing up:)

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