Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Hubby is 50!!

Happy Birthday to him.  Just the greatest guy I know, a wonderful father, hubby and all around great guy.

He's the rock of this family, always caring and kind.  Has a TON of patience (I'm sooo jealous:)

He's been walking with me more recently, I really enjoy my time walking with him beside me.  And he's lost 10 lbs so far!

We had a cookout with just family-- yes, that's a party right there, I know. 

We did the cookout and had ice cream cake which has become a total favorite of all around here.

Dad got a new and bigger TV from all the kids, they chipped (with help from mom to arrange it) and he was very happy. I got him some other stuff from me.

We are so very blessed to have this guy in our lives, and we are ALL very thankful for him:)

Oh, and got the late "birthday pic" of Chloe and Chance together. So I added that to this birthday post.

Happy Birthday to hubby, 50 looks GREAT on you!!!

 Love you so much:)

We haven't started school yet, almost there-- lots to update on that so I'll save that for the next post......

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