Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fessing up time

There's  been some really big changes around here and I think it's time to share it. (NO, not adopting again-- just to clear up that idea) 

This was something a long time coming. Had been "weighing" on my heart and body for many, many years.

 God had "nudged" me (that work in progress stuff, you know?) many times about it. But I just wasn't ready until the day after Easter. 

Yep, that day I was done. I gathered up every stash I had (and there was plenty) of junk food/ candy and out it went. I made a commitment to FINALLY do something I have never done---make getting healthy a priority in my life. 

To accept I am important enough to take time and effort for ME. At first it seemed so selfish. But I made myself do it. 

I realize the blog posts have been lean but some things had to "give" as I made time for exercising and taking time to learn what worked for me to live a healthy lifestyle. 

 And just so MOM knows, this was all done naturally--no pills, drops, pretty drinks, only basic "move more, eat less" change of lifestyle. Changes I can live with and easily maintain. 

And I'm doing it. I'm nearly 60 (sixty) pounds less in size!  For real! Instead of hiding behind the kids (trust me when I say you won't find pics of me out front for years now because I had trouble finding a picture of myself!), I am not in hiding any longer.

Finally taking care of me. My "not so secret" key to this is very simple. WALKING

 It's  improved my stamina, helped with moodiness, hip and knee pain, as well as aided my weight loss. 

I walk at least 2 miles 6 days a week with some other activities thrown in (occasional 4 mile walk, hiking, biking) usually once or twice a week with hubby:)

I feel so much better. And..... It's caused huge "ripple effects" on the whole family-- the kids are learning what foods are healthy to eat, what moderation means, what exercise can do.

How to read food labels and know what carbs, verses protein, what  fat and sugar contents mean. Stuff they need to know for healthy lifestyles even though they are all healthy weights and eat whatever they want. Empowering us all to make food choices that can fuel our bodies not just eat to eat. 

This week I decided to share for those who don't see me because I reached a milestone. Such a special one. Not a "number" because I totally committed myself to this new lifestyle refusing to make it about a number on the scale. It was much more special than that.

I got my wedding rings back on my fingers! Off (if needed) and on, I am wearing them again. I don't recall when (about 13 years ago)  I took them off and realized I had to stop wearing them because they didn't fit anymore. I just remember making excuses for not wearing them and being very upset.

My rings are size  5 1/2 which is small and I never got around to have them resized because I never dreamed it would be this many years till my fingers saw them again. My rings match hubby's and I just am thrilled to be wearing them again.

Some of my motivation (other than my really great family) was in quotes I've read-- I really like this one "A woman should never die without knowing how strong her body really is. " 

And learning it takes 30 days to stick with any change or new habit ( most people quit at 3 weeks) I hung in there and now it seems weird and "off" if I don't walk. It takes me about 30 minutes for 2 miles and it's become a vital part of my day. 

So... now you know. Why the blog has slowed down because I have sped up my priorities for the good of our family. And often I am joined on my walking distance with a few of the kids. So we are spending more time together while getting me fit:) such a win/ win!

Motto here is--- don't give up hope if you are overweight. Don't beat yourself up (I was harder on me than anyone) or feel it can't possibly happen. You don't need fancy stuff, just be sure you have decent (made for walking/running) sneakers if you choose to do walking. Make the time..... NOT excuses. 

Find a motivation you have within you if you want to lose weight/get healthy and go for it. I asked God to give me the strength and started out with 1(very slow) mile and worked my way up. And honestly--love yourself enough to take care of you no matter your size. Please do that because my only regret is not making me important enough to do this sooner. 

Caring about your own health is vital for us moms. We have to be able to give and give and give which can't keep happening if nothing is put back in to us to fill us up. Especially true when you are parenting kids from hard places. Their needs can be sooooo draining. 

Everyone and everything else was "more important" and yet having done this I have such an increase of energy, those "feel good" hormones from exercising at least 30 min a day that my "everyone else" is getting more from me than before! And I had no idea. 

And as Chloe and Chance enter their senior year of school, Kat and Phoebe head to Middle school.....  Mom having tons of energy and stamina is a really, really good thing:) 

Keeping up with all and feeling very blessed that God didn't ever give up on me even when I resisted and just didn't want to do it. Because something a dear friend told me really caused me pause. Our bodies are God's temple because He lives within us. I knew I wasn't honoring Him and yet it seemed so impossible/overwhelming. 

13 years to find my motivation, MOTIVATION FOUND! Living healthy and feeling great! And another perk? I can order adoption shirts (supporting adopting orphans or surgeries for orphans) in regular sizes. My passion for supporting the adoption of orphans has not changed:) Of course not!

Motto here--- never think it's too late or give up because God doesn't and He loves us all IN ALL our sizes.


Mary DeGennaro said...

You look beautiful, and so much younger!!!! Congratulations!! I am feeling motivated just by your motivation and success!

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Vickie, you look fantastic! So very happy for you! Monica

Ryan said...

You look sooo good! I had a baby last year (he turns 1 on Sunday) and have just made every excuse in the book as to why I still have baby weight looming over me a year later. Honestly, this year has been amazingly hard and we've had lots of obstacles but this is just the kick in the butt that I needed - walking. Eating better. I can do both of those with whatever trials we are still dealing with. I'm so happy for you! Start being front and center in those pictures! Woohoo!

Ryan said...

Oh man, I'm signed in as my husband. This is Rachel - I've been following your story for years now :)

Chris said...

So happy for you Vickie
I am sure your new attitude helps in dealing with all the stresses involved with raising our children from hard places--maybe just the incentive I NEED to finally keep on my program too!!!
Thanks for sharing your story-

K said...

I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on letting your secret out and showing everyone how important it is to take care of ourselves and how vital an example that is for our kids to see. If we don't value ourselves, how can we expect them to value themselves?

What a great accomplishment, especially amid all the stuff dealing with our kids throws at us.

Jennie said...

Gorgeous! What a terrific transformation.

Savi said...

Yay! That's amazing! I'm happy for you!

shay68 said...

Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Gives me motivation to get back to basics....lost 35 pounds before going to China in April 2014 - with the intent to lose another 20 however it's been a long 18 months and I've gained back 8 of those pounds. Now time to get back to squeezing in more exercise.