Sunday, August 16, 2015

Family Gatherings

First it was a family reunion. Those are always fun, seeing  folks we don't usually see often. This was hubby's side of the family. Only sad thing was many less people this year:(

On a happier note, we got to see our Chance--he came with Uncle Mark and then was gone again. Staying to help/work with Uncle till right before school starts.  I think he may have grown taller? Chance, that is, not Uncle Mark:)

Doesn't hubby and his bro look a lot alike? They had the same haircuts this year too. 

Our other family gathering was our local fair. We thought the kids would be a little more excited about going. Hmmmm. They ended up getting food, each picked their favorites. Monkey bread, hot sausage, popcorn, cotton candy, just to name a few of the yummy things they decided on. 

Chloe pushed Paisley in her chair, she sure isn't slowwww  going for anyone to see anything. Girl has one speed and it's fast! We were too slow for her looking around and she had to circle back many times to find us again. 

Apparently the kiddos enjoyed my picture taking efforts of them and their fair foods, I mean do they not look thrilled, or WHAT? 

We have done most all of the dreaded school shopping.  I tormented myself this weekend and took Chloe, Kat, Phoebe and Camden to finish up the needed items.

 Chloe is the one I dread (Kat and Camden are close seconds) taking shopping. She's incredibly picky. Although I was able to pick out 3 pairs of pants for her without her along previously and got them right (size and preference) which was some kind of miracle. 

We got her shoes (3 stores to get the ones she wanted) and  tops ( 2 stores). Kat and Phoebe each got 2 tops, I had bought them all the other stuff (socks, pants shoes, under things, school supplies)  previously. They didn't need many tops because they do have a big tub of hand me downs that are perfect for them to get through the year. 

Paisley hasn't grown and won't so she got new shoes, a few tops and socks, she has tons of clothes since the two younger girls recently outgrew her size so she is overloaded on clothes. 

So in less than 2 weeks we will start another school year. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around having no one in elementary school this fall for the first time in 25 years. Yes, that long. 

Football practice has started and field hockey practices begin this week. 

Other news---Chloe passed her drivers test. Yeah her!! Now she's looking for a cheap car. Her driving could be a huge help with all the practices and her job.

Chase also passed his test the week after Chloe. Chance says he's not ready to test yet. They were all very cautious about driving/ testing which is just fine with us. 

No recklessness needed. 

Camden and Chloe were asked about working for someone, they worked together to dig a 65 foot ditch that was 18 inches deep. They did such a good job the person's neighbor hired them to pull weeds for her!

The kids  were very happy, they enjoy making money but also keeping busy.  Usually Chance is our guy hired out since he's a very hard worker and very strong. But hubby told the guy we had a 2nd crew because Chance wasn't home:) 

That's what we have been up to,  that and lots of walking too. Of course:) 


K said...

Where do you find clothes to fit your kids? I'm struggling. My two oldest won't ever reach 5 ft. tall. My oldest is getting her curves, but she's so short-waisted that everything that fits (size 16) looks like a baby dress or outfit on her because they are all the wrong fit.

My next oldest is nearly as tall, but half as narrow and very thin. She needs the length of size 12, but it all just hangs on her so she needs the adjustable elastic waists still.

Then there's my 11.5 yr. old. She's got an unnaturally broad chest due to her special need so her shoulders are wide, then at the bottom of her rib cage, she goes in and is 2 sizes smaller. Her hips and legs are about 2-3 sizes smaller than the rest of her, too. Come winter, it's not so bad - leggings and long tops or dresses, but in summer, it's HARD.

Vickie said...

I am an avid clearance shopper, buying for the "next year" when clothes are out of season. This greatly helps make affordable the "name brand" stuff you see my kids wearing. Also, my girls are very modest. Here's a trick I have used for years--boys department for shorts. They are much, much longer than girl shorts and usually cheaper. They are plain enough (Jean material, khaki canvas, etc) that they do not appear to be "boy only" shorts. I've picked up (last week) dark blue and khaki for the girls for $3 each on clearance and they will fit next summer:) I rarely ever pay full price for anything.... recently scored 4 dresses from Lands E*d, one size bigger for next summer for less than $11 each. Watch online clearance sales and "coupon codes" as well as free shipping offers (I rarely ever pay shipping, order enough to get free shipping or look up a code for free shipping). The LE dresses wash and wear soooo well and they are modest lengths. Can't seem to get that once a girl is about size 8 & up from Wal*art, their dresses get shorter and shorter for bigger sizes. Because my girls are very skinny we use Capri pants under dresses that are too short in length but still fitting in the body, making them more of a "tunic" giving us longer wearing time before we call them outgrown. Stocking up now for next summer--tees, shorts, Capri pants, swim stuff--all on clearance in most all stores now:) After holidays it will be jeans, long sleeved stuff, pajamas. Most under things (socks, cami tops, underwear, bras) are at best prices now. Sneakers for all (except Chloe who was off to her mission trip) bought early summer right as sandals came out and school was done.... clearance priced of course.