Wednesday, July 8, 2015

She's Back!!!

Guess who returned from ALBANIA late last night? (Yes, I can now tell ya where she was which I didn't for safety reasons before.)

 Our Chloe girl is home from her mission trip:)

Goodness did we miss her. She must be trying to prep me for next year when she will graduate and is considering college now. SIGH. 

 Growing up so quickly it's like we just got her and here she is spreading her wings to fly:)

The first view of her was this--- her sleeping. 

Then later when she was thrilled I made her favorite (tacos) for supper.

Cheeseless for her, of course.

Her report from Albania?  They have a lot of foods with cheese.  The NERVE of them.  To think my cheese hating girl would eat CHEESE.  Nope.  I told her she is too used to mom spoiling her to accommodate her and Paisley's hatred of cheese.

I'm just so thrilled to have her home, a month was a LONG, LONG, LONG time. 

The other girls were happy to see her too.  Don 't think I "get a break" in the missing kiddos department---

Chance has now gone for the rest of the summer to work with his uncle in his plumbing business.  An internship kinda thing, he did this last summer as well and plans to do as a career so it's really great he can go and he enjoys it a lot.

We did tell him that an attitude had better not arrive home with him like it did last summer:( It was some rough waters when he came back last time.

Paisley had her monthly med infusion and per her labs things are settling down in the arthritis arena, much welcomed news there:)  Many days she is seen sunning herself, she really likes these hot sweltering days of summer.

The  not-so-little-now "little girls" have been trying to train the dog to roll over.  Teddy (the bigger one) is trying to do what they want. Tommy (at 13.5 and some arthritis himself) just watches the fun:)

I think we may have gained a new "pet"-- we have a crazy (and I mean crazy) hummingbird that has decided our feeder is his, all HIS.  He guards it and dive bombs the other 5 birds trying to eat.  I tried foil on his perch but that only deterred him for a short time:(

The kids have all been terribly amused at him and Camden has decided to name him "Commando."  He sat out beside the feeder and got the picture of this nutty bird.

Guess he found our crazy house and believes he fits right in here???

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Otter Mom said...

I've followed your blog for a while but never commented. But I wanted to let you know that the hummingbird is doing what is natural to him. They are very territorial little brats. They will often chase people or pets that they think are too close to their feeders. It's worse with males, which your bird is.