Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Non Birthday?

Although last week was Chloe and Chance's birthdays, we did not have a big to-do. Love them both tons, that's certainly not the issue.

Firstly--- Chance is still gone, at Uncle's working for the summer. This left behind the girlie who deeply dislikes fuss being made about her and the whole fact that their birthday is actually a "guessed date" compared to knowing a real date of their birth:(

Yes this still bothers her. And we understand and care that it does. 

So as to not cause her any upset we went low key.

She got a new phone earlier and on her day a card, some of her favorite snack stuff (can't ever go wrong giving them hot sauce) and I made her an ice cream cake. Soooo very simple-- layer of ice cream in cake pan, layer of whipped cream, layer of crushed cookies, chocolate syrup, layer of ice cream and top with whipped cream. Cover and freeze. Easiest to do if you let the ice cream get pretty soft to start your layer of that. 

Since most of our kids do not like actual cake but do love ice cream cake, it works well to have learned this easy way to make one. 

We've had yet another unwanted household issue--- it seems that this has been the summer of "issues" and as the house is just  4 years old  we weren't really expecting sewer pump float,  water main, and now ----water PUMP to fail. Yep, read that right.... Thursday after I had mowed and trimmed and (Thank you God) gotten a shower, someone asked what was wrong with the water? Uh, we had none? 

So after testing breakers and a call in to the company that installed the pump we got to improvise for overnight till they showed up the next morning and determined that indeed, our pump was dead. Pulled it up, replaced it and charged us labor. Pump was 4 years, 1 month in to a 5 year warranty (Thanks again, God) and now we have a new 5 year warranty covered pump. Wow,  were we thankful for water! 

And if it had to happen, at least it wasn't a holiday weekend like usual, and my extra work over the summertime covered the expense. Might be taking a picture of the house for our "vacation destination of 2015" with all these issues this summer though:(

The kiddos got to enjoy Vacation Bible School last week. Even the teens got to go and have fun since we have an interim youth pastor for the summer.

That was cool for them. They enjoyed the finale of VBS Sunday morning after church although it was really hot. The snow cones and dunking booth helped cool them off:)

I see someone here needs her bangs trimmed, I heard a few more guys saying they needed their hair cut, the doggies need trimmed---- goodness, where do I find the time??
Only a month left of summer, wow! HOW does summer always fly by so very quickly?

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mom2three said...

My daughter is also comments about not knowing her real birthday. I've told her that we know one thing for sure, that she was born, so even though we aren't sure if it really is the very day she was born, it is still a day to celebrate that we are glad she was born. There are some things that we just can't "fix".