Saturday, July 18, 2015

Geo ca- what-ing?

Camden' s got a new favorite hobby......Geo caching. 

 I had little idea what this was when he started. 

It's basically a modern day treasure hunt:)

Yep, using a GPS or cell phone with an app he's able to see hidden "items" ranging from teeny tiny to large containers.

Most hold some small treasures, toys, coins, even a dollar bill once. 

If you take something from the container you are to add something and all have a paper or tablet to sign your "handle" that you use to record you found it.

And then you return it to the hiding place you found it at for the next person to find:) 

One day last week when my brother and family visited we went geo- caching.  Cousins D & J are just as fascinated with this "treasure hunting" fun and we found a few that day.

Another trip for groceries and a few school clothes brought us 10 finds that day, Camden's highest record so far. He's gotten much better at finding them too.

Because do not think these items are always easy to find-- there are very obviously some really funny people that have mad skills at hiding these things.

At one site we had tried 3 times till he finally found it.

Some are incredibly complex and take you from place to place finding clues till you find the finally container.

 We've stuck to easy ones so far and are really enjoying the clean, healthy, outdoor fun of these searches:) 

The most funny "finds"--- one at a fruit stand was a fake rock.  And the one near a gym on the guard rail shaped like a cookie! 
So if you are looking for some good, clean fun for your kiddos, here's a great idea. It's all over the world so no restrictions of a certain area. 

Happy Treasure hunting:)

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mom2three said...

We have several friends that are into this. If you ever get to Illinois, you will find them here, too.