Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Open Wide

So we have done a few of the "summer appointments" that I squeeze around my working schedule this summer time. 

So far most have revolved around teeth. Children's teeth. Cleaning and appointment for Paisley to have a filling replaced. 

Next was Camden, to get him set up for these--- BRACES. Yep, one front tooth overlapping another was a sure sign we were headed here. He's our second one to need, Malaree is a few years done now with hers.

 KAT looks to be next, all the others were blessed with straight teeth. (Yeah!!) She will probably get hers about the time Camden is done with his. 

So far he only has them on top to start and he's in quite a bit of pain today after getting them on yesterday. Poor guy.

We've had other, not-so-fun stuff happening. On the way home from dentist, flat tire.

Hubby rescued me so I still hold my record of never changing a flat except in high school in drivers ed when the teacher picked on me about "needing to know" because I said "Call someone" when he asked me what I would do if I got a flat. Just want him to know my way WORKED just fine Mr. Driver's Ed dude.  

So there. Hubby said I must have run over a piece of metal somewhere. $4 to fix it (Thank you God) tire wasn't ruined. 

We had a water leak, this was much worse, our pipes are enclosed in the ceiling, the finished, textured ceiling. There's now holes in that ceiling :( A water main that was not supposed to leak at 3.5 years old, the plumber who put it in came and found a defect in the pipe so he is looking in to getting our repairs covered due to it being defective.  

We are praying that's the case and very thankful hubby caught the issue right away. It was a slow leak and is drying up now that it's all fixed. 

Word from Chloe is she is doing well. Arrived safely obviously. Having a good time, successful vacation Bible school round one under her belt. 

It's been stinking hot. Like unbearable and yes, I get to complain because I do not complain when we are knee deep (or worse) in snow:) After many years of no air conditioning in our upstairs I am so very thankful for whole house air conditioning. Wow is it a huge difference.

That's our mid-June happenings. So far:) 

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