Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Paisley's 3 year Gotcha!

Guess who has been with us a WHOLE 3 years today? 
This "surprise" addition, added to the folds of our family.  A tiny, but mighty in personality girl, our Paisley. 
She's almost 18 now, still as tiny as ever. Although I feel you can see the maturity in the pictures. And the happiness:)

From the round (steroid caused) face to a slimmer (off steroids) her, she  has changed quite a bit even if she isn't gonna grow any taller.  

She carries a heavy load of hurt on that tiny frame, some that we can not fix. But rarely a complaint is heard.

I'll never forget when she first came and we weren't real sure what she could/ could not do. 

The other kids were going off on bikes. Asked her if she could ride a bike. Of COURSE, she said. 

Down our hill she went and right over the handlebars.  Scared us all! 

She never tried that again...... and we know her mobility limitations much, much better.

Wouldn't dream of handing her a bike NOW:))

She's a pretty typical teen, she likes to do her nails, watch TV.  She likes to sit on the porches in the sun which feels good on her joints.

She quiet and content with life:)

She's on the honor roll and works very hard in school.

She's pretty much caught up to nearly grade level work which means she's really smart because that's almost unheard of for how long she's been in America.

That's our girl...... Happy Gotcha Day to her. 

 We couldn't love you more!  


Brad Porter said...

She is so pretty and obviously very, very smart! Amazing that she is almost caught up with grade level. I am impressed!

Mom to 10

Jennie said...

Beautiful teenager - she is loved and shows it in her smile. All she needed was the right family to love and encourage her and be sensitive to her health needs.

Miao Liu said...

I love reading your blog. it's fun to read about updates in your family. Congrats to Paisley for working hard in school. Does she still want to do nail technician? I'm also adopted from China.

rachel garber said...

I've loved following Paisley's story . . .I've been reading since the days of Chloe and love each of your kids :) I'm so excited to hear she's doing so well in school because man, that is a huge feat!

Dottie P said...

I can't believe it has been three years! She has blossomed!