Sunday, April 26, 2015

Smart kids

We are all on the mend from our sickness, thank goodness.

It's trying really, really hard to warm up around here, so we did some more "spring firsts."

Campfire with S'MORES--- is there anything better than that gooey marshmallow and chocolate (can't go wrong with chocolate in anything and everything in my opinion:) and graham crackers. YUM.

The title above, Smart Kids.  Yes, the teens have all gotten on the honor roll again this past term. 

I forget to mention it sometimes because, well, they are ALWAYS on the honor roll but last term 1 didn't make it due to 1 grade and the poor dear was embarrassed as all get out. (By siblings MOM, not us) 

Yes, sibling/ peer pressure can be a strong motivation, as long as it's in the right direction, of course.

The big girls are part of the International Club they started at our school, it's new because there's not a ton of diversity here. So to encourage kids to learn about and respect other cultures the school started this up.

So the big girls went to the local college on Thursday to attend an International Event.  And I knew about it because I signed the permission slips.

What I didn't know was Paisley sang a song (she's got a great voice and loves to sing) and had to find out from someone else, someone not even a family member:(

This makes me sad. WHY? Because sometimes the teens don't get that they now have PARENTS aka "people who care" and this momma would have liked to have seen a video of this song since I did have to work and couldn't attend. But they don't think of that:(

Too many years with no parents, it takes a long time to teach them what having parents means when it comes to some of the smaller things in life.

And yes, this is NOT, by any means huge or devastating.

I'll just have to try to get Paisley to sing and post it, huh?


Miao Liu said...

I would love to hear Paisley sing! You are such a great mom. I am also adopted from China

Dawn said...

We are working on this constantly here. You have parents. You need to TELL US stuff!!! They truly don't "get" it!

mom2three said...

We still get the "Mama do you love me?" type things. It is hard for them to believe that they are truly deeply loved.