Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Yes, it's spring germ passing time. The kids are sharing colds. I'm surprised (but happy) that we have not had much illness over the winter especially since Paisley's medicine regimen decreases her immune system. 

It figures though as soon as it's warming up they have to all get sick. But it's only a nasty cold that I am sure they will get over before we know it.

We had a "visitor"  ---a certain special guy we love but don't get to see nearly often enough.

Donovan stopped in. He's been quite busy working and in his spare time he volunteers at a fire station.

That's what he was dressed for when he stopped in. See how happy he makes his sister when he visits? I couldn't get him to be quiet long enough to get a picture with his mouth completely closed:) And I even warned him these pics were getting posted.

He informed us he has now grown to 6ft 5 inches... the tallest of all our boys. Beating out Derrik at 6 ft, 4 inches.

Don't ask  short little 5 ft 5 inch momma because I don't know where all these giant kids are getting their height from. And speaking of height and short me, I finally have to give it up.....

Camden is finally taller than me. I fought a good fight, claiming to be slouching, shrinking with age, but he finally got there, taller than mom. 

My last son, taller than me. Made me kinda sad. They all are growing up so fast. Way too fast for me. 

Although this girlie here (giving me the stink eye?), she's still shorter than mom even counting the "bun" on her head- ha ha!  She's 5 ft 4 inches.  But still growing up (just not taller) too fast for me.

Something else that has gone by too fast? 3.5 years in to our new house and I started a project long over due. First we (hubby and I) disagreed with the color choices.

More like we didn't communicate well. (Imagine that!)I wanted all the new doors a very light tan shade, like the color they came.

But he would say  "white". I just said "No,  I don't want them white." And drop the subject.  Because most of the rooms are earthy tones, I wanted my tan color. 

Hubby thought I wanted some wild colors, all different for each door,  when I wanted a very tame tan for all:) 

 So once we figured out we were both on board with all 17 doors being light tan I bought the paint and hubby pulls off a door when the weather suits and I paint it on my days off. I've done 3 so far. 

The funny thing? I picked a paint that is exactly the same color the doors originally are. Without even trying to.

 Like so close I can't even tell what part I have painted and where I haven't.  Which might make you wonder, why bother?

Well.... the doors unpainted don't come clean from dirty finger prints and there's a lot of fingers in this house. So the doors are getting painted and look fresh and new, finally. And they will be able to be wiped down. 

Hubby is catching up on the trim that didn't get stained with every door that comes off too. Although that's only a few doorways because most were already done. 

Spring projects, spring colds, some spring flowers popping up. That's our start to spring time around here:)

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