Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Little Dumplings

I feel the need to add on to my last post some info you all probably know but I'm gonna write it anyway.

Every single one of our children is a gift from God. We feel extremely honored that God chose us, ordinary, broken people for parenting the special ones brought to us via adoption.

NONE of the issues that we see with them are anything we ALONE can handle. God equipped us when He asked us to go for them. And we did, and He is with us guiding our family.

We have not-one-regret. NONE.  Would we change any of their paths?  Of course--- if we could make every child we parent that was called "ORPHAN" before never be an orphan at all, we would do it. 

EVEN if it meant we never got to parent them. Us adopting them is second best------ yes, I said it. SECOND best. First being they never became orphans.

But this is not their reality. And for older kids/ any orphaned child from ANY country, it's better to have an adoptive family than NO FAMILY. I liken it to the not-so-great childhood I had.

Do I wish I didn't have a difficult childhood?  Well, of course, BUT.......although I do NOT believe God allows any child to suffer I do know that much of what I went through equipped me to parent children from hard places. I know the fear. The hurt. The difficult time trusting people that I still struggle with.

So often God uses people who never thought they were worthy for amazing things. That's how I feel, unworthy of the gift of our children. I wouldn't change ONE THING about them, although it does bother me to see them struggle I cling to the fact that Father may need them to be strong to use them in ways I can't even fathom.

Each one of my children are people I am proud of. Proud to know. Proud to be called "Mom" by them. They have grown ME in ways I needed and am happy to be "stronger" in. My faith in God.  HUGE leaps because the struggles with the kids has taken me to hard (for me) places. Trust (again) in Him. Had to happen.  Couldn't do this without Him.

Started out very selfishly adopting to add a little girl to our family and instead He took me asking Him to use me how He wanted to show me His broken heart over the older orphans. Again, no regrets. 

 He led us through 5 more adoptions. Attachment struggles. The ongoing hard road of raising these precious ones.  Helping a ton of people "behind the scenes" who are struggling/ need support.

There's no boredom in my life. There's no wondering if I should be "doing more." There's a mission field right in my home.  Not everyone is set up to be a missionary and travel.  Here's the way to bring the mission to you:)

What I am saying is, YES-- adoption is beautiful, broken, hard, wonderful, a tremendous blessing.  And YES, children need to be adopted. THEY DO. And yes, older children are amazing treasures worth everything to bring home and raise.

Even the ones afraid to let us love them, the fear they will "lose us too" based on their not receiving basic timely care as infants and learning not to rely on anyone.  THEY NEED TO BE LOVED. And here, they are loved and will always be loved. We are here for them always.

Ok, done being all gushy on ya---- so the "dump-ling" title that's not the kids?  It's dumplings, real homemade dumplings. 

 Ohhhhh. YUM.  Chloe and I were both off Sunday and we decided to break out the pork. Well, she wanted hamburger too, which I thought was totally gross to put in dumplings, but we did it. (I only ate the pork ones:)

We made a bunch, cooked some in broth, fried some, and chowed down. They were so good!  They are a favorite of ALL the kids. Since we were snowed in AGAIN, it was the perfect day to do some cooking after church. Paisley's cheek is full of dumplings, not swelled up:)

We are SURE (you read it here) that spring is indeed, coming. Even though we have another storm (ice) going on today and another one coming tomorrow night (3-6 inches of snow so far is the prediction) but I can tell you on good authority SPRING IS COMING.

You know how I know???  SKUNKS.  Yep.  The skunks don't come out till spring is coming and we have seen a number of dead skunks (and smelled them) on the roads locally. 

 We always laugh when we smell that and everyone goes "OOHHHHH, gross!"  All except Chance, who has always told us that the skunk smells like------- Chinese food?  Seriously!

Not sure who was cooking for him but I've never been able to "recreate" anything remotely like it for him. (thank goodness, huh?)

We had a delivery Sunday--- a new washer. Yeah, wasn't thrilled but the old one died. Not like I don't use it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

 But it made me smile because usually every appliance you have dies while you are adopting and I recall quite a few "dying" on us while we were in process so it was a sweet memory. (NO, MOM, we are not adopting-- do not call.)

So we are eating dumplings and washing clothes.... big news, I know.(ha ha)  Sorry that's life around here, just normal family stuff:)  

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