Friday, March 13, 2015

30 hour Famine

Guess it was a good thing the teens stuffed their bellies with dumplings because they decided to participate in a 30 HOUR famine with proceeds going to a mission trip.

None of the children were told they HAD to do it, in fact it bugs me to see them go without food when I know this has been a sore place for them in the past.

Just another reason they are amazing people to me:) When they decide on their own to do such a caring act it just reminds me how far they have come and what great people they are.

Lots to tell ya about the elusive Mr. Camden.  Today was Pi/Pie Day.  He made a shirt with fabric paints about Pie (in front) and Pi (in back) and took in cookies (round) for Pi/Pie day.

Yesterday he dressed up as the football team does each Thursday. Goodness is he growing in to such a TALL and handsome young man. Do not worry (MOM) that is not his bag to leave home already, it's a bag of chips for snack he "had to have."

He's really super good at that " I NEED for tomorrow---a white shirt, fabric paint" and it's 6:30 pm.  At least I was near a store, waiting to pick up Chloe from work.

This week also brought Camden new glasses ordered AND......... contact lens!  Yep, I told him he "had to" because last year football did not go well with non breakage of glasses and the sport goggle glasses he got that were not supposed to fog up, they FOGGED UP.

So I told him he's got to do the contacts if only for football. He doesn't like the contacts so far, but he's getting more used to them. I wouldn't be surprised if he decides he likes them better than glasses eventually but either way at least we have the sport playing issue resolved.

Oh, I just gotta tell you this one.  You know that darn ELF that lives here?  (No, not that ELF on a sh-lf) but the ROTTEN elf that lives here and does ALL the nasty things that NOBODY here could possibly do?

Well, apparently yesterday he got kicked to the curb and I believe he is off pouting somewhere.  BECAUSE--- I came home from a long day of work, had to run to store for Camden's stuff, waited to pick up Chloe then as my tired butt came in my door I, as in ME--- was accused of "breaking" off a shelf in the fridge door. 

 The claim I heard was that because I "had a soda for work" (yeah, one little 16 oz soda) in that shelf that it MUST have been the cause of said broken shelf. This shelf is deep enough and strong enough to hold 2 gallon jugs of MILK.  (not that we use them for that)

Ummm.  Here's the ONLY problem with this scenario.  When I left for work the shelf was PERFECTLY fine.  In the fridge.  When I got home, the shelf was sans all the stuff in it and on the counter.  The children DID NOT come home to find that shelf on the floor. SOMEONE opened the fridge and that shelf SOMEHOW became broken and empty on the counter.

It's a MYSTERY I tell ya.  I think the kids might be wiser to bring back their "elf friend" because I would be more likely to believe he did it than KNOWING it wasn't me.  Nice try kids. I'm not falling for it......

Our weather has been a HUGE topic around here, A WHOLE WEEK, no snow, no school delays, cancellations, nothing. Even SUNSHINE--- some serious Vitamin D showed up in the form of DAYS of warmth (ok so 50 degrees isn't sweltering but we are calling that WARM)  and most of our snow melted away.

Catching up on appointments cancelled (even multiple times) because of weather. And thankful we can get out not worrying about snow coming like last week when CPR class had to be excused early to get us home safely.

Don't be concerned, I passed:) I can save a life. If needed. I just can't save shelves from my children.  Oh well.

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It's FRIDAY the 13th ;-)