Friday, February 20, 2015

Xin Nian Kwai Le! Happy Chinese New Year!

Xin Nian Kwai Le!

 Happy Chinese New Year! 

Year of the Sheep.

Who all are "sheep"  in this family?  ME:)  Malaree, and Kat. Yep, we are.
We went out to our New Year celebration last week again due to weather we were unable to go as far to the kids favorite China buffet place:(
Let me explain this weather thing-- COLD. COLD and COLDER.  Wind. snow, ice. Last Friday was to be a half day make up snow day. CANCELLED. Monday was a make up snow day--- 2 hour delay.
Tuesday was to be a half day make up day-- ended up being a full day because of Friday being cancelled and we still ended up with 2 hr delay.  Wed, full day of school.

Thursday, 2 hour delay. Today CANCELLED. That's ONE FULL DAY of school in an entire week.  Not sure the kids are learning ANYTHING.
Since they were off today and Chloe still had to work-- we went on errands. Freezing day to errand run but it needed done. Passports (hers and mine expired) pictures done and new passports applied for.
Paisley's blood work done. Praying the results are okay on those, this weather is taking a toll on her:(
Kat got a library card, wow was she ever happy. Her very own, that is.  She was thrilled.
THEN......... we did something really super crazy.  CRAZY I tell ya.

WE did it. IT.

THE HAIRCUT.  Actually Paisley decided to do it too, and Phoebe got in on the action as well.  Even Camden got a haircut. Kat has 21 inches of hair to DONATE!! Paisley 12 inches. Phoebe's wasn't long enough to donate.
No tears were shed, I did tell Kat if she cries about the hair being gone it will be another 8 1/2 years till she gets another haircut. SHE LIKES IT, and she looks GOOD.
  Paisley too, as does Phoebe. I'm so stinking excited that there won't be hair everywhere, no more ponytail of hair in food dishes, hair taking on a life of it's own in drains, tubs, on the floors.

I did tell Kat that it grows back so if she didn't like it then at least it will grow back.  BUT 8 1/2 YEARS of never cutting the hair!!!  I'm really glad she likes it:)

Paisley too, looking quite snazzy and older with her new "do."

Chloe wasn't ready to get her hair cut, it's almost long enough to donate but she had to be at work and we really didn't have time to do another cut.

I did take Paisley and Kat to a salon since I wanted to be sure they were getting enough cut off donate and it was fun to have them get a salon cut.

 Usually I do the snipping, I did Phoebe and Camden's but they were just trims and I never really have claimed to be a hairdresser:) Just a thrifty mom who has saved a ton on haircuts for many children over the years.

Last evening I had supper with my oldest son, soon to be 30, Derrik.  After our nice meal, just dad, him and I, when I was dropping him off at his home, he told me that he doesn't say this but that he wanted me and dad to know he appreciated how we raised him, that he was grateful to us and was glad dad and I were together. Ummm. I asked him if he was dying?

He assured me he is not. I asked if he was sure. He said yes and laughed, hugged me and went on his way.  He said he just wanted us to know it:) 

WOW. I guess age is creeping up on him, because usually we don't hear too much of that "grateful stuff" and figure it's par for the course of raising kids/teens.

 Of which we have many.  Just typical that they tend to be self centered, even when they are great kids.  (Don't call mom and tell me that wasn't nice to blog)

So that's what's happening in this part of the cold, snowy, world. Less hair and more snow. Somehow that just seems..... wrong. 

Don't worry, no one is freezing here:) Even with much, much, less hair.  And Spring does eventually HAVE to come.  No matter what that groundhog said. 

Just gotta hang on a few more weeks/snowstorms.......



Linette said...

We didn't have school ALL WEEK! I doubt it was any colder here in Appalachia but we're not really used to this Arctic weather. I have a teen who doesn't even really like school who is praying for school on Monday because it is just so hard for him to entertain himself. And apparently tidying up the living room doesn't make the cut for entertainment.

rachel garber said...

Kat looks awesome. So does Paisley

rachel garber said...

Sorry, I was commenting from my phone and it cut me off. Their hair looks sooo good.

I'm from Wyoming and it is always arctic frigid in the winter and it's awful. I am kind of grateful we have had it so mild lately but sorry we are sharing it with you!

K said...

Congratulations! You did it! It looks great and, as you've discovered, is so much easier for the girls and you and where cleaning is concerned.