Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Trip

Plane tickets have been purchased. Yes they have.

To WHERE?  Not gonna say YET, but it's a senior project of a lifetime, I would have to say. (It's not China)

Chloe girl approached us months ago about this, making her senior trip with her BFF a MISSION TRIP.  Sounded like a really neat but somewhat complicated ordeal.

But with friends in many far places, we have (hopefully) as safe a place as possible, as safe plan of travel as possible, and a very excited daughter.

Since she started working she has saved all her pay toward this trip. She's very thrifty and hasn't spent money hoping this could all work out. We are helping out with some of the costs so her way will be paid.

She also has to get a new passport since she was on a child passport (only good for 5 years) and it's gonna be 5 years soon since we got the boys (can you believe that? I can't!) and she got her first American passport.

They will be going with a responsible adult (not me, not that I am not responsible (ha ha), I can't take off that much work) who can take work time off to go with them and the opportunity to donate will be presented later for any who wish to help with supplies they are trying to take for this trip.

We feel so proud of our Chloe.  But also scared, I won't lie about that.  Because the last time she did a mission trip she had been home just 2 years and it was very hard on ME. I missed her terribly.

I will say she has gotten so much more independent since then, so I am hoping that gets me through when this trip comes up which will be in a few months (summertime) and I am sure will be here before I am ever ready for it:)

I posted an old picture of her--- because she's hardly able to stand still for me to catch her in a picture and she just looks so grown up here. And she is. Growing up so much. 

She is gifted, smart, caring, kind and someone we are very pleased and amazed that for almost 6 years now we have called her our daughter.

More details to come later:) 

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K said...

What a beautiful girl! Definitely one to be proud of. I just learned, by near disaster, that my girls would let the house burn down with us in it and never show any level of concern, much less alarm, and keep playing merrily while the house filled with smoke to the point one was coughing.