Sunday, February 1, 2015

A new dress

Yes, we have one new dress for Chloe girl:)  And she looks just smashing in it. At least we think so!

 We have not made it out for a bigger shopping trip yet due to SNOW, SNOW and more SNOW......

Another storm hit us today!  We have plenty of the white stuff:)

 Already a delay for tomorrow's school day, which depending on when the white stuff turns to ICE will probably follow along the lines of the last 3 weeks of Mondays--- school cancelled.

Between work and trying to get out for groceries, it's been slim pickings for a day to go dress shopping.

 But mostly we can count on not being able to locally find anything modest for our girls in the way of dresses. So imagine my surprise when I spotted this and found 1 left in Chloe's size and had her with me to have her try it on.

God sent, even a dress which I was starting to stress not being able to get to the stores for her because I never want her to think it's not important when she needs something.

But she is aware it's tough to work around weather, her work, my work, and dad's work so she's been very patient.

We are watching the Super Bowl, of course. Who isn't?  Chance. He's not really in to football?  Paisley. Another one not really interested. Chloe. Kat. Same thing. I like the commercials more than I'm really in to the football:)

Mal was supposed to come but again, SNOW prevented her from being able to come yell, I mean, root for the football game. Neither team a favorite of the football lovers here, so not as exciting a game as it COULD be.

I HAD to include the picture of Chloe with her pj's tucked in to her socks.... it so reminds me of China and not one inch of skin is supposed to show on your little ones-- or you get scolded by the "clothing police" aka China mommies and grandmas who come right up and cover up our new "babies" for us when on adoption trips.

She said it's to keep the air out of her legs, she's right, it does. Just looks funny to us because we don't do such measures, except for legs going outside and are down in boots where you don't see it.

We got report cards this past week-- everyone got their "report card money" for making honor roll:)  Way to go kids! 

School is going along smoothly for now.  I heard Chloe asking Chance about a "junior paper" they have to do. She was typically stressing about getting it done, Chance had not even started it yet nor was he the least bit concerned..... that's our Chance.  He doesn't stress too awful much, especially school work.  He's a "hands on" learner for sure and dislikes any and all book work or writing. 

Someone who is doing well in her reading is Phoebe, she's really taking off with learning and she actually used her "filter" this morning at church. Yep, she usually blurts out anything and everything when around people, we've discussed this a number of times. So she told me she needed to tell me something while waiting in the snack line but she thought it might be "inappropriate" to say right then. 

It kinda was--- it ended up being a question about her outfit, a longer "tunic" type top and pants. She seemed to think the top was actually a dress and was concerned it was too short for her to be wearing:)  I explained it was a long top and not a dress, which is why she had pants on with it. 

But we were just thrilled she used common sense/ thought about something before she just blurted it out wherever. Even if it really wasn't a big deal if she had said it around people:) 

We are going round and round about Kat's hair AGAIN---- ahhhhh, I think it may just be time it gets cut.  Seriously, it's a total pain, but I'll let you know what the final verdict is..........


Jennie said...

Beautiful Chloe in a beautiful dress! Really like her hair style - pulled back neatly. Difficult to find dresses that are not cut too low - good job, Vickie.

K said...

Remember, it's okay to give it a healthy trim, which, as her length can be several inches and she'll still have nice long hair. I just did this with my oldest.