Wednesday, February 25, 2015

6 years ago

It's such a wonderful thing to say we have had our Chloe girl another year.

SIX years ago (Monday) I was in China signing papers and so excited to finally meet our newest teen treasure.

Never imagined that she would blow me away in so many more ways than just her sweetness and amazing bravery to trust me to come with me.

Yes, those added guys, her brothers were a huge shock. Of course. But even with that whole story unfolding I could see what a special person this girl was.

We were able to connect even with the lack of language, laughing and joking some, her ordering duck and making sure they brought out the whole head on a platter to freak me out (it did) and then laughed her head off at my very obvious disgust.

Monday was her official anniversary and we were able to go out to supper with everyone (except Chase who had to work) to the kids' favorite Chinese buffet. The weather cooperated and she was off work too---YEAH!!!

I forgot my camera though:(  So you get old pics from last week.

We did some shopping too, exchanged pants Camden didn't like (pickier than the girls I tell ya!) and the sales girl assured me that guys are wayyyy more picky about their jeans than girls. Hummm.

We had time to do some shopping and got another dress and a really cool pants outfit for Chloe, she cracked me up when she said she didn't think I would let her wear the dress pants to church because I said they were "funky" but I meant "funky good" not "funky bad." 

They are really cute. She looks really good in most everything anyway and I've told her many times God doesn't mind what she wears to church as long as she's there.  

 I might have to rethink the "guys are pickier" because she rejected many dresses (as did I) for too short, tried on and rejected 3 dresses (too low in neckline she said). But we came home with 2 new outfits:)

Our gift to Chloe for Gotcha Day Anniversary this year was to pay for her passport renewal in anticipation of her mission trip. We don't usually spend as much but we are helping her out because it is a mission trip and we are so happy she feels led to do this.

So how did the girls' haircuts go over?  Kat is really happy with hers. So is Paisley. Kat said some kids at school said it didn't look like her.

It does make her look more grown up, which she is growing up fast. She is so much more than just her hair and I think she is seeing that the benefits of shorter hair is very easy to care for and worth it.

Paisley made some progress lately. Might sound silly but for her to ask for anything is difficult. Relying on US, her parents to provide because she asks for something.

We have been working on this for a very long time. And baby steps later she is asking for her shots each week and telling me before her pills run out each month. This is huge for her. Because it's very easy for her to just go along expecting things to be done when in fact she needs to acknowledge a part in it.

Someone "Having a part in things?" That Chance, still always asking if there's anything he can do for us, goodness, I wonder how we lived before we had our Chance here. Keeps us laughing too, tonight I asked why the dog wouldn't stay out of the fire pit?

I knew Chance had burned some papers/boxes but didn't think there was FOOD involved in that. Come to learn that while burning the papers he got the idea to "cook" (in 6 inches of snow, mind you) some leftover ham (his favorite food) and obviously dropped some leftover ham in the fire pit. So there was my answer.

He was kind enough to make chicken on the grill, he did it in shorts and a tee shirt on a day we had 15 degree temps and snow squalls. It was calm when I sent him out to cook for the chicken fajitas I was making for supper. Dad thought I was nuts when he came home and it was blowing snow like crazy and there's Chance dressed like it's a summer day cooking on the grill! I told him I did ask him to grill BEFORE it was blowing snow like that. I did NOT tell him it was okay to do it in shorts and a tee.

Hubby saw Chase at church tonight and he told him he took his driver's test last week, he did good but bumped a cone trying to park with the truck he was using (his landlord's/friend) so he didn't pass but hopefully will next time. His landlord has turned out to be a wonderful mentor/friend and seems to be helping him with things he was too stubborn unwilling to listen to us about. You know that whole "I know it all" teen attitude?? Yep.

Chloe is struggling with her driving lessons. Sadly she has nystagmus and although it is barely noticeable when you are around her it's causing her great issue with driving. Till she tilts her head to get a focal point the vehicle has moved on (obviously) and she's not doing well. She's also very nervous which isn't helping her either. Any pointers on helping her with the nystagmus issue anyone has send them my way, will ya? Cause she wants to be able to drive.

Phoebe got herself in some trouble--- sadly when Kat arrived home with her new hairdo Phoebe laughed at her:(  Yes, we still struggle with jealousy and not nice/inappropriate laughing with 2 years under our belts with her.

Many behaviors we still see/ work on with her are immaturity. Stomping-- yes, she weighs the least but sounds like an elephant going through the house. Laughing at inappropriate things/times. Sometimes this is nervousness, sometimes it's meanness/ attention seeking. Lots of work with her still, but as always, she has come a long way and is totally worth the work to get her where she needs to be.

Some great improvements-- her learning levels are good, she's very book smart. The million and one questioning (only for attention ) has lessened greatly.

 She's learned to put her own clothes away, help sort clothes, pick her own outfits (even matching them well) and do her own hair every day. Her "zoning out" due to visual issues is much, much less often.

I find it helpful to point out the progress so that the focus is not always on the negative---it's an ongoing work even as things get easier the longer the kids are home but tolerance and a good sense of humor goes a very long way when dealing with the kiddos no matter what the issue is, that has always held true for our family.

All in all we are doing well and we are hanging on knowing there's less than a month till SPRING! We will be warm eventually:)


lalalorlor said...

Oh nystagmus... its a beast! It sounds like her null point isn't to center - does she have to tilt her head when she reads? Null point position can be changed with surgery - both of my kids have had it done... it also slowed down their nystagmus.

Have you noticed Chloe's eye movement speeds up when she's upset or nervous? Stressful situations make my kids eyes move faster... learning to drive is an extremely stressful process!

Good luck Chloe!! :)

Linette said...

My oldest has nystagmus, but he's also legally blind (albinism), so we haven't dealt with the driving issue. I know that some parents have had a surgery done by a Dr. Hertle and felt it significantly reduced nystagmus. For less invasive options, maybe an Orientation and Mobility instructor would have resources? Please do a follow-up post if you find out something useful! :-) And good luck to Chloe!