Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow Day

It's a SNOW DAY!!

Yep, no school, cancelled last night!  So we got to sleep in then the kiddos went out to play and then I suggested I would LOVE  a picture of the snow background to which a certain someone (Camden) said they would need to be "bribed" to stand in the cold...........

Guessing a few chocolate kisses will suffice? 'Cause they did it:) 

Then they picked at each other during lunch.  Just a typical day around here. 

Yes, not every day is marred by trauma, don't get me wrong when I say this does get easier over time. It DOES. But sometimes it's also DRAINING to continue to parent on when trauma is involved.

There's so many incidents that we have happen, some big, some little. Some we see DAY AFTER DAY and so often want to give up hope of seeing progress but that's where we will not go.... we will always have HOPE that our kiddos will do well, will learn, mature, gain strides within this family because GOD gives us that hope. He has shown us even when a child's progress goes at the slowest rate, there's still reason to HOPE and PRAY that they will continue to make progress.

It doesn't have to be easy because what's easy is usually not very substantial. It's the HARD stuff, the "give it your all" stuff, well that's where it's invested in something so very important--- and what could be more important than our kiddos? Nothing, as far as we are concerned beyond God and God has shown us time and time again that each of us is meant to be right where we are... in this crazy, fun, wild, nutty, busy family:)

Crazy enough to stand outside on the porch with snow falling, and about 6+ inches on the ground so far today.  Whooo hoooo FUN. Okay, maybe BRRRRR, cold. But I had fun, does that count?

We are off to go outside again (coats this time MOM) and play/ shovel and enjoy living where we get this winter wonderland every year. So magical. So pristine and special to live where the 4 seasons are so vastly different yet each one gorgeous in it's own way. God's beauty in our back yard:)

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mom2three said...

Wow, even Phoebe is outside without a coat. Lovely picture, but it makes me chilly just looking at it.