Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2 Years with Phoebe

I feel goofy saying this every Gotcha Day Anniversary but REALLY-- how did 2 years go by so FAST??? Why does it seem like she's ALWAYS been ours:)

Phoebe at 2 years home- 4 feet 10 inches, that's about 4 inches growth. 68 pounds up from 54  pounds when she arrived.

Girlie has no trouble at all with food. She's probably the least pickiest of all the China treasures here.

 Except maybe Chance but he would probably eat stuff he didn't like without complaint because that's just how he rolls. He's really, really thankful for FOOD.

As is Phoebe. She thanks me almost every night for making her supper. No matter what it is.  Her favorites are still hot dogs. (Mom says "Yuck" and we don't have these often at all)-- her least favorites are carrots and now only mashed potatoes, it used to be any kind of potatoes but now it's only mashed ones. And that's another thing none of the China treasures like. Mashed potatoes. Silly kiddos.

Phoebe's reading is coming along quite well, we've noticed a huge improvement in her reading skills. She's proud she is gaining "levels" very fast. Still at 2 years home, nearly 9 when she started school she's at a 2nd grade level of reading. Even lower on spelling.

It's not easy to learn English when you start at the beginning and this is considered good progress for her. It's been harder for her emotionally because she's now able to realize she's not on the level of the other kids, how far behind she is and she's fretting about not being ready for Middle School next year.

Phoebe is an interesting mix as well-- some days/times we see 5 year old behavior. STILL.  Yep. 2 years home.

Other days/times she's closer to the 10 she really is.  One very nice positive is that her and Kat seem to be thriving this year with them in separate classes, they still have lunch at the same time and recess but Kat tells me they do not eat or play together.

So they are getting time away from each other that has allowed them to have friends, it's helping Phoebe be independent and Kat gets a break from "helping Phoebe." 

A WIN/WIN.  They are getting along much, much better. After nearly driving us nuts, this is a welcome break.

Phoebe is doing more and more things for herself independently, picking her clothes to wear and this was a biggie-- totally doing her own hair. She (and Kat) both have calendars on their walls with a big "S" on every other day which means SHOWER day for them and she's able to easily follow that.

She got some nice smelling lotions for Christmas too and has applied that for dry skin without reminders. 

PROGRESS!!!!!  We'll take it:)

So that's her 2 years being home anniversary update-- Happy Gotcha Day PHOEBE!!  So very thankful God placed this treasure here with us.

Soon to come-- update on the other kids, who are NOT being cooperative:(  Children need to stop being snotty teens and give me some pictures of them already. I'm gonna call MOM on them if they don't.....

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