Thursday, January 15, 2015


You really don't find me complaining about the cold, because  I dislike the intense summer heat worse.

But hubby dislikes winter terribly.  Poor guy is freezing and just recently got HEAT in his part of his work building--- brrrrr. 

I STILL have to tell Camden and Chance to WEAR COATS to school. What is with teen boys that they think they are "too cool" to wear a coat?  What's cool about freezing? This mom doesn't "get it."

Camden who is particularly ornery would not open his eyes for my pictures so you get a "faking it" picture of him "sleeping."  Silly guy. 

Chance, on the other hand, almost ALWAYS has a smile and just shows it when I arrive in his face with my camera:)  Smart guy, give in and just smile cause I'm gonna take the picture anyway- ha ha!

Chloe cracked me up when I stopped by her room to see what she was doing and get a picture of her.  She was watching hair braiding/styling videos and she sat up and said "CHEESE."

I laughed and said "You HATE cheese-- why do you say cheese?"  I*think* I saw some eye rolling..... you know, like her mother does?

Camden is breaking my bank and thrilling my brother, he's gone from Size 14 boys jeans at the beginning of this school year, to 16 boys, and NOW to men's sizes. 5 months? 

 Yes, and my brother is thrilled because cousin Dustin is 1 year and usually 1 size smaller than Camden so his barely used stuff heads to Dustin. 

 I'm glad SOMEONE is getting good use from all the "bigger and bigger" sized stuff needed.

I just realized I didn't even post about Christmas-- wow I am behind. Can't believe MOM didn't call........

22 people for Christmas dinner.  It was a great meal, lots of food, family and thankfulness for the blessing this past year brought us.

The kids here at home all got some funds for Christmas so off we went shopping the day after Christmas.

Most of them wanted to buy clothes, styles and brands THEY pick, you know, because mom and dad can't possibly pick out hip clothing. 

Matter of fact just using the word "hip" probably gave away how very out of date we are-- ha ha ha.

So they got some stuff they wanted and are looking sharper than ever.

Kat and Paisley were excited that K*te plus 8 is back on, they live here in PA like us and Kat said we should have a show of our own and it should be "The Delightful Dozen"--- I told her maybe "The Deranged Dozen" because there's no way we are ever going to be called DELIGHTFUL.

Oh, goodness.  Maybe Down to Earth Dozen cause it's REAL around here.

Very real.  To those wondering about "How Chase is doing?"  So far, good. No issues we have heard of. We aren't hearing much from him so I guess he hasn't needed anything yet. 

I didn't take any pictures at Christmas because I was too busy cooking, cleaning up and just enjoying our family and guests. I did think of it afterwards, of course:(

But trust me when I say everyone is doing well. Keeping warm, staying healthy, only have had minor colds when anyone got sick, thank God.

Sorry about being MIA-- really didn't realize it had been that long since I posted:( 

Camden said he thinks there's about 7 people still reading this so I guess you all better prove him wrong and comment so I can get him to open his eyes in my pictures?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for news about your lovely family

Céline From Québec, Canada

Dronte said...

I'm reading, all the way from Norway :)

Anne Krause said...

I read your blog here in Arizona! We have three bio kids and three adopted, so I love reading about all of your family. Blessings to you in the new year!

mom2three said...

Yay! You're back! Thank you for the updates! Tell Camden he is wrong. There are lots of us who read. And my 14 year old son has also gone from size 14 to men's sizes in the past few months. What's up with that?

Jessim said...

I still read :)

Brenda Fung said...

Reading in Canada....and laughed out loud at the Deranged Dozen!!!

Keep smiling,


Jennie said...

We read all the time! Enjoy your posts VERY MUCH. So delighted that you posted. Happy New Year!

Cayle said...

Reading here! No new was good news :) glad to hear everyone is good.

carrie said...

Another Pennsylvanian here, I am still reading

Dottie P said...

Still reading in Kentucky! I read every one of your posts and look forward to them, but I totally understand when you miss: you are busy loving children! So tell Cam we are reading, and I love seeing his beautiful smile and big blue eyes!

Haz Bo said...

NO way!! I love reading your blog so much! Am always so excited to see a new post! I have learned so much about adoption!! I read from the UK!

Joy said...

Reading in Iowa,

Joy said...

I read. Tell your girls that Kate and her family used to live in my town when the kids were little. Someone on RQ was asking what happened to you because you hadn't posted in a while.