Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve!!

 Just one more sleep till Christmas. 

Everyone here is excited, and I must say for it being a BIG holiday we haven't seen too many meltdowns/difficult behaviors. Only a few which is a nice sign of progress--- whoooo hoooo we love progress:)

We are looking at 23-24 for Christmas dinner. Cooking big, well-- bigger than usual that is. 

We've had a blessed year, the kids were really reasonably with gift requests (well if we don't count Kat wanting an I pod --which was an immediate NO WAY) from packs of gum to sneakers and mostly clothes. Yes, they are growing up. I can tell when they are scouting out their own duds and telling me where to get them. 

I guess mom's choices aren't  as cool? That's okay though, it's normal teen/tween attitude so not hurting my feelings any:)

Everyone is doing well- dad has been the only "sickie" in the house with double ear infections and upper respiratory junk. We told him to keep it to himself and he did that quite well:)

The kids are happy to be on break, they are finding things to do better now instead of being unable to entertain themselves as they struggled in the past with. The boys have been playing video games, Kat is forever reading or making some crafty thing. Phoebe plays with the B*rbies but Kat told me she pretends they are Pokem*n?  Okay then. 

Paisley also likes to read and study for Bible quizzing. Chloe is working some over the break. She is always busy but it was great that when we went to finish off our shopping last Saturday (Dad and I) Malaree came out and the girls had some sister cookie baking time. Fun and yummy results:)

We wish everyone a blessed CHRISTmas season from our family to yours!


Miao Liu said...

Merry Christmas! I love reading your blog.

Monkey Tales said...

Hi. I have lost all my contact information on my cell phone. Can you please email me your phone number? Thanks!

mom2three said...

Vicki, come back! We miss you!