Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve!!

 Just one more sleep till Christmas. 

Everyone here is excited, and I must say for it being a BIG holiday we haven't seen too many meltdowns/difficult behaviors. Only a few which is a nice sign of progress--- whoooo hoooo we love progress:)

We are looking at 23-24 for Christmas dinner. Cooking big, well-- bigger than usual that is. 

We've had a blessed year, the kids were really reasonably with gift requests (well if we don't count Kat wanting an I pod --which was an immediate NO WAY) from packs of gum to sneakers and mostly clothes. Yes, they are growing up. I can tell when they are scouting out their own duds and telling me where to get them. 

I guess mom's choices aren't  as cool? That's okay though, it's normal teen/tween attitude so not hurting my feelings any:)

Everyone is doing well- dad has been the only "sickie" in the house with double ear infections and upper respiratory junk. We told him to keep it to himself and he did that quite well:)

The kids are happy to be on break, they are finding things to do better now instead of being unable to entertain themselves as they struggled in the past with. The boys have been playing video games, Kat is forever reading or making some crafty thing. Phoebe plays with the B*rbies but Kat told me she pretends they are Pokem*n?  Okay then. 

Paisley also likes to read and study for Bible quizzing. Chloe is working some over the break. She is always busy but it was great that when we went to finish off our shopping last Saturday (Dad and I) Malaree came out and the girls had some sister cookie baking time. Fun and yummy results:)

We wish everyone a blessed CHRISTmas season from our family to yours!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Semi Formal Dance

Chance, his date Hannah, and Chloe.                    December 2014 

Anyone knowing any secrets to slowing down these kiddos growing up so incredibly fast, leave comment ASAP PLEASE!!!  

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Well, Hey There

Here we are.  Took a break here recently, just needed to take time to enjoy my family and not be plagued by thoughts of not keeping up on the blog.

Well that and contrary computers, our desk top computer was acting up, it's the only computer I have that will download pics and what's blogging without pics?  Goodness, can't go and do that, now can I?

We got an old laptop from Mal, it won't go to the blog website. Not sure why. Have an older mini lap top, it won't download pictures, probably plum full from all the shots I take, but that doesn't help me blog when I can't get any pics from it.

Slim pickings here for blogging.  Then Kat was doing homework and somehow made it to where I couldn't even get the desk top computer to behave/ let me on my own blog! Talk about frustrating.

I decided about then to give up and focus on the kids and spend the time I would have blogged with my family. Can't go wrong there, now can I? Sorry MOM, you'll just have to visit.......

We enjoyed a lovely, just LOVELY November.  Seriously.  Weather was nice, we had our first pretty snowfall.  We had a bountiful Thanksgiving meal. So very blessed by God with our kiddos.  Had everyone in good health too-- Brandon is slowly getting better. Paisley is hanging in there.

She's had more trouble lately due to the freezing rains we have had. And we had an insurance glitch which hasn't been cool. Change of policy (not change of company just the policy) and "someone" transcribed a number wrong. We are coming up "not eligible" for any insurance needs......... prescriptions-- yikes.

Paisley's meds are 3K per MONTH.  Usually covered. We were told this could take a month to get fixed and in the meantime "pay out of pocket" for meds. Uhh, not possible?  So we are praying hard that the "glitch" gets fixed and we are thankful that for now the only thing she  has ran out of was pain med but we were able to get that, her other meds she is okay for a couple of weeks. We are hoping we have enough to get through and see the issue resolved.  Never any fun to have health issues let alone worry about affording meds.

In other news-- our tree is up. Christmas music began in October, yes, it did. I love, love, LOVE me some Christmas music and the children and their dad have totally given in (or up)  to my request to listen to it EARLY.

Christmas lists have been tacked to the fridge.  We are slowly getting ourselves ready for the big day, enjoying the REASON for the SEASON much more than running around like crazy and indulging too much in the children. Nope, again this year God is providing plenty for them all.

Best news I had this weekend,  remember Tina, the girl I was advocating for??  She is now CHOSEN.   Oh, doesn't that just make you have goose bumps? 

 A perfect-for-her, God chosen family  (NOT US MOM) with a sister who was adopted from China with the SAME special need-- the need for family:)))  But also the new sisters share the same physical issue that their parents are already in-the-know about. Is that cool or what??  God is so good and He knows each and every orphan.  He never leaves them and He clearly hand picked this family for this precious girl.

As for our precious girls---Chloe is doing great at her job, she said the older people are soooo funny. One asked her if she was from "Maryland."  She said "Uh, no, try China?" 

Then the lady said "Oh, you are pretty dark for a China person aren't you?"  She laughed, she takes no offense.  I told her she *could* be really ornery and mess with people, tell them her mom is a red head and dad has blue eyes and no one knows how she "came from" us-- ha ha ha ha.  

Chloe said she wouldn't do that because "most of the  older people are confused as it is and that wouldn't be nice." I'm thinking our "out of the box" looking family could really be "mind blowing" and why not enjoy that fact?  Guess I'm a bit ornerier than Chloe girl.

Kat and Phoebe are doing well. They went to Santa's workshop and bought little gifts for each of their siblings and then wrapped them all by themselves. First time wrapping all alone:) Growing up in so many ways.....

As for the boys---We've not heard much at all from Chase, he did come for Thanksgiving dinner and I got a "Thanks for the food Mother."  Guess he isn't needing anything yet?  Otherwise I'm sure we would be hearing from him........typical SONshine.

I was thinking about giving each "older kiddo" an assigned day (Monday Derrik, Tuesday Jay, Wednesday Mal, etc.) and telling them we would like to HEAR FROM THEM at least once a week on "their day." 

Otherwise I have to worry when they can't be bothered to contact their parents to let us know nothing bad has happened to them........ now let me say here, certain one(s) like Mal really doesn't need this reminder day.  Other ones--- (those BOYS) should probably have reminders set in their phones for that to even happen. 

I'm glad they are all doing well, just want to hear from them more often. Kinda LIKE 'em, ya know. Miss them......

Donovan will be back next week, he's been far away at job training for his new job. He's really happy and doing well, thrilled to get this job opportunity working for the railroad as an electrician.  No surprise to me, this kid asked for extension cords for his 9th birthday. I kid you not.  He's loved pipes, wires, etc, since he was little:)

He always had his bedroom decorated in his own Christmas stuff too, he's a guy just like his momma. Loves this blessed season.

Hope you all get a chance to slow down and enjoy this wonderful season celebrating the birth of our Lord.

That's all from us for now:)