Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tina needs a family......

I've posted before about this sweetie.  She really, really needs (and wants) a family.

Has been fostered by Americans within China so she's very comfortable with how we talk, smell, look:)

She's soooo precious. Very precious. With a scary sounding need, BUT she's had surgery already for the issue (it is NON cancerous) but has remaining seizures.

She's totally a TREASURE waiting to be FOUND.

Are you her Mama and Baba? 

Now a $25,000 GRANT toward her adoption!!!  That's pretty much ALL her adoption fees PAID. Seriously COOL........ now for her parents to see her and claim her as theirs!!!

She's someone's daughter------ pass it along, will you? So they can find their girlie:)

There's videos, and contact info for anyone wishing to move forward for this precious child.

Also, my picture is before her surgeries to reduce the tumor on her face, the videos show the VAST improvement of her face NOW.  Her videos are here......

Adoption savvy folks wanting to know- she's a shared list, special focus child:)

Scoop up this treasure and call her DAUGHTER..... she's just waiting to SHINE in the love of her own family.