Saturday, October 4, 2014

The return and a Birthday

Well,  the girls are back. They came off the bus sobbing. First Phoebe, then Kat. I thought "Wow, they really missed us."  UMMM, NO. They did NOT. 

They were sobbing because they missed the camp counselors. Oh yes, they were. I will spare you the pictures of them, red faced and sad:(

So much in fact that they have already written letters to them. Have I mentioned anything before about how dramatic 10, nearly 11 year old girls can be?

Let's just say they had a great time and hopefully will be able to go to camp again someday. At least we know they won't be missing us too much. 

One nice and new thing this year was pictures one teacher uploaded each day so I got to see the girls and know they were at least ok. One picture made me laugh-- everyone sitting around in tee shirts except for my Phoebe, who was sitting sideways, not a bit of her showing from under her poncho which she had the hood up and pulled tight around her face. Not a drop of rain to be seen?

Not sure if she was cold or what?

The girls sang a song they learned on the way home, then cried some more. I got them in the door and busy unpacking so the tears abated. Surprisingly only one load of laundry from them but some very wet and stinky shoes to air out.

Camden had a football game this week, the team won. I got assigned food booth duty for a varsity game this week  because Camden is in football. Not sure how I (verses anyone else in this family) ended up assigned to do this---BUT---It wasn't too bad, it rained very hard right before the game started so not many people came out. 

Today we had a very special surprise for Paisley's birthday. First there was a 5 K walk/ run planned around her day. Called "A piece of cake" 5K. Not only planned just for her birthday but for a BIG surprise, her runner came all the way  from Virginia  to finally meet Paisley in person. 

Cari (Paisley's runner) was paired with Paisley through a group called "I Run 4".  It  pairs up runners with disabled people who can't run. This gives the runner someone to dedicate their miles to and our girl is Cari' s inspiration as she shares her triumph over her daily pain/ difficulties with her arthritis. It a wonderfully positive relationship between them. 

Cari wanted to push Paisley in her chair for the 5k so off they went:) Paisley was thrilled to be able to participate in a way that didn't hurt. Her first ever race!
She got a shirt too. Just like everyone else. 

And after the 5K we had CAKE, of course:) We shared the day with 2 other runners from "I Run 4" as well as another child paired up with a runner. And all the proceeds of the 5K went to a local organization that provides services for disabled people in our community.

Paisley was so surprised to see Cari, they hit it off right away. They shared a medal they won too:)

Later we will have MORE cake and celebrate this big day for Paisley some more, enjoying our girl's birthday and so very thankful we get to share in her life, that she is HERE, not an aged out face of an orphan on someone's advocacy post--- NOPE, not this ONE, God said. No, she is called instead..... daughter. Sister. Cousin. Grand daughter. So very precious.  

Happy Birthday Paisley, you are very loved and very special to us all........

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