Saturday, October 18, 2014

Birthday Girls

It's birthday time again.

And I've been informed I am not posting often enough-- thanks for letting me know--CHLOE.

I'd have more to blog about if you were home more often, daughter o'mine.  I've been missing this girl. 

 Field hockey, now over except for the wrap up banquet.  She started her new job this week. But hopefully we will see her more without the field hockey. I kinda like her ALOT and miss spending time with her.

As for the birthday girls-- Malaree  turned 23 yesterday, October 17.

 Kat turned 11 today, October 18.

Our girls. We soooo enjoy having the blessing of daughters.  They are funny, smart, caring, loving, thoughtful girls.

We are very proud of them-- even when they are harassing me to get busy blogging. 

You are welcome Chloe. You now have "something to read." 

I sure hope you are satisfied-- but if not you are welcome to come do a guest post on mom's ol' blog. 

 Or even be home more to give me funny things to blog about?  

I can say it was not a "drama free" birthday party.  No wonder we only invite family to these shindigs----OIY. 

The girls, might, just might, have been rude about a bracelet given to Kat:( 

Oh, girls.  Neither Kat nor Phoebe handle either of them getting more of anything than the other. Especially gifts/ attention.  Typical sister jealousy for their ages.

Besides the drama--- we dearly wish both Malaree and Kat the happiest birthdays and many, many more to come:)

We love you both, our precious girls!!  

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