Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Not JAIL sentences (MOM)--- but actual sentences.

Yes, this is indeed, a punishment in our home. It helps two-fold.  It teaches spelling and makes the "offender" ponder their misdeed over and over and well, OVER.

Many times. Depending on the issue. Sometimes it's as easy as an apology around here.  But sometimes there are issues that return to us and that's when sentences come in to play.

And speaking of play, we do not play favorites. We've had a run lately of "sentence writing" from " I will not yell at my mom" to "I will not be disrespectful" to "I will not be jealous of Phoebe" to "I will listen to my parents."

One certain child is wayyyyyy more stubborn than most, she got to write her 50 sentences  4---- as in FOUR times over.  Yes, she did.

WHY? Because first she misspelled. And was given the opportunity to fix that error easily but added the missing letter by making a total mess of the sentences.

And she did this ON PURPOSE. So 50 more sentences later, she wrote them in anger--- tiny, tiny print till the last one then it was HUGE. 

Was told to "Try again."  Snot is not acceptable. Oh, do they ever try to push the rules.  They are kiddos after all. Typical, snotty, tween/teen children.  They rarely ever surprise me now that I have raised 12+ of them, but they DO secretly (not gonna let them know this) amuse me.

We usually start at 50 sentences, now ours are 10 and up, it used to be 25. And they sit and write till they are done. Pee breaks (and not excessive pee breaks either) ONLY.

Matter of fact, Phoebe was not too thrilled she had to wait to finish her sentences to get supper last night (I didn't say she didn't GET to eat ---MOM) but it sure "hurried" her up.  She was only about 10 minutes behind the others getting supper but she was not happy.

The most sentences anyone got to do this week?  Paisley got to write 200 times that she will not yell at me, yes, indeed she did.  Do I give leniency for her arthritis? No, I do not.

 NOT because I do not care, because I do. BUT because she is fully aware she has arthritis and will be given more and more sentences if the behavior does not stop and she made the choice to continue until she got to 200. So 200 she did.

It's a time for them not just to ponder their problem but also to cool down. I mean, you can't rage while writing or the number you will write goes up and up.  Crying is allowed but not howling (Kat likes to do that one) or the sentences will------- you got it--- increase in number.

Don't worry, the "girls" were not the only ones who got sentences to write, a boy here tried his hand at dishing out some snot and got assigned some as well. Equal opportunity parents we are:) 

Lots of learning going on here this week.  Also changing out the "dish night" rotation to add in Kat and take out Chase, who is barely ever home.

So that's our beginning of fall and week so far.  No more sentences about that.............


Jennie said...

This post brought back memories of "penance" in school. Once, I had to write "I must not talk in class" 100 times. Then when I used the ditto (")as a repeat after the first line, the teacher (Catholic nun and VERY strict)increased to 1000 times. So much for my creativity - quashed in elementary school.

K said...

We are a sentence writing family and just three days ago, a spelling error meant a repeat job! I, too, find that the threat of more sentences when crying because howling or tantrums works to induce a bit of self-control!

Gina said...

OMG, I have a howler. Never tried sentences, usually I hand out jobs, but may have to give this a try.