Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Well, Chase seems to be doing well with his 2 jobs, he really likes the full time one at the college. Really likes it. Tolerates the second one, because----- you read it here first-----

He's gonna be moving out. Yep. The chickadee will be flying the coop next month for a rented room with someone we know well.  Perfect for him as he will have one thing to pay (RENT) and everything else is included.

He's also going to be a great renter-- he's neat to a fault, he's responsible. Doesn't party, drink, smoke, no pets. He's a landlord's dream tenant.  I tried (MOM), I tried. To make them respectful, honest young people.

He goes next month and will be within walking distance of both jobs. Just in time too, before winter hits and his siblings start working too.

Yes, there's more of them hired on--- Chloe has been hired to do the dinner shift for a local nursing home. After field hockey, before bedtime, she will be working.

She was driving me bonkers last night worried about the TB test she had done (it's negative)-- I had to circle it to even see the spot. She has to have a second one done if this one is positive, she must have asked me 10 times if I was sure it was negative. I told her if I had to circle it to see it, it was pretty certain to be negative. She STILL asked me 3 more times after that.......

 Chance had a job interview, same place as Chase's second job. He said it went "BAD" but then Chase said the same thing and was hired. Silly guys. He's hoping to hear from them soon.

All 3 still on driver's permits. Surprisingly Chase has turned out to be the better of drivers, although dad says he's a bit too bold for his own good. Uh oh.

You will notice dad mentioned here because for some odd reason God didn't give ME the nerves to tolerate teaching 12 children to drive. Nope, He did NOT.

Therefore, I have not, and will not, be teaching any of them how to drive, sitting in the passenger seat with them behind the wheel. Not gonna happen. Call me a control freak or whatever, it's just not going to be. Might have something to do with this guy looking totally relaxed behind KAT driving the 4 wheeler. I mean, he's a NATURAL at this, right?

We did the final Post Placement report for Paisley for China. Yes, we did. Now before you all say "Hey wait a minute, wasn't her adoption domestic?" Yes, it was. But China wanted to know how she was doing and the reports tell them that she's doing great. We want them to know that sometimes a disruption happens but it was a better fit for the child and that's a good thing-- that both first family and we took her adoption very seriously. 

We were asked previously to write a letter of intent for her by China which we gladly did. It was odd but I wrote it to say "We have and will continue to care for her, love her, etc." As well we have provided all the information they wanted to show her progress here. Again, happy to show them she is doing well. 

Her essay was cool- she said this-- "I have a big family and they love me very, very much and they're the best family in  the whole wide world. "

She also said she doesn't have a favorite food because she doesn't like the food here and wishes she could eat Chinese food every day.  

Now don't get too excited that she wrote all these wonderful things, I think she might have been trying to butter me up (No, not put butter ON ME, like Chloe thinks I mean when I say that) because of her getting in trouble last week and I would guess she figured it couldn't hurt to try some flattery to ease the sting of being in trouble, huh?  Totally a teenager, that girl is.

We won't have to do the 5 year report because she will be 18 (WHOA) next year and they aren't required once the child is 18. So those are done. 

Camden is doing well in football, although first year of HS football, he doesn't play much. Still loving it though. 

 He enjoyed his family birthday party, football themed, of course.

The "little" girls have some news--- Kat is taller than Phoebe. First time EVER. About 1/2 inch taller!  Kat is 5 months older than Phoebe and it had been an issue right off that bat that Phoebe was "bigger."  Even assuring Kat it didn't matter did not help.  So growth spurt has occurred and happiness is abounding.

Both girls are tall and skinny as can be, size 10, some 12 skinny jeans, because otherwise they swim in the pants. They aren't tight at all, and all of the girls are very modest (so thankful for that) they won't even wear sleeveless tops. 

Kat and Phoebe have been doing so much better this school year with being in separate classes. Right across the hall from each other, but with 2 totally different types of teachers. They both really like their teachers.

They bring home much of the same papers but are working independently in their classes. It's helped them have a better relationship at home, getting along more and even working together to do things. 

We doubled up their beds into bunks to give them more room space and they have done a super job keeping everything organized in their room and beds made every day.

Phoebe has come such a long way.  She still tries to pull the "I don't know" stuff but more often than not she is catching on and showing some increased maturity. Her English is coming along, her verbal English is downright amazing. No problems there. Her reading is about 2nd grade level. Her writing about first grade.

Building the base which is the most important thing for her English learning. Not bad for 20 months home. 

You all can thank Camden, Chloe and Hubby for this blog post-- they  LAUGHED at me last night when they were talking about getting the mowing done for the week and I said "I could  mow" today. Yes, indeed, they ALL burst out laughing. 

I didn't see what was so funny---I have mowed before, well, not HERE, but I do know how to mow.  So ANYWAY-- once they laughed at me I told them I was going to sit around and do NOTHING all day (AS IF) because they made fun of me saying I could mow.

So there family.  Sorry to say-- I can not get behind on wash, dishes, cleaning, no one else will feed the troops, so there's still "a few things" I have done/will do but I did a blog post and I'm gonna go NAP now, yes I am!! 

 Sure not going to MOW-- Not nice family, not nice.

Enjoying my (kinda) day off, so there..............


Jennie said...

Vicki - Working teens, wow! I know you will ensure the homework gets done. Kat and Phoebe are growing up too quickly!

K said...

What an accomplishment, the first one leaving the nest and in a nice half-step sort of way.

Dottie P said...

So happy to hear of Chase's independence! Does he promise to visit often? I know you'll miss him.

It's also great to read of Paisley's happiness and confidence that she is loved. I am sure she meant it.

Thanks so much for sharing!


Sherri said...

This makes me smile! How well I know what it is like to live with teens who think Mom can't do as good of a job as they can. Mixed feelings, huh? It's wonderful when our children sail beyond us in any area but I chuckle to think that you were probably mowing before they were BORN! So good to read your posts as your children enter the adult world...I close my eyes and think of the life they would have had...the life so many have. Thank you, God, for giving them a family. No matter where life takes them, they will ALWAYS be better off to have called you MOM! You have a beautiful family!