Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Camden!!

It's a certain young man's birthday around here today.

Camden is 14. WHOA.

Where did that time go? 

 From the minute he was born with that downy red hair, till he's nearly as tall as me and he is turning in to such a wonderful young man, we have adored this boy.

He will say I am NOT allowed to embarrass him, I imagine I will end up doing something that does no matter what----

He is a teenager after all.

I'll probably be in trouble for these pictures, no doubt but I didn't blog when he was little so you all missed out on these.....

We will have a small family party (no laughing, we know that any family party we have is NOT small by anyone else's means) and celebrate this guy turning 14.

He is now old enough to be basically "picking" his gifts-- a mountain bike it was this year. Like dad's, to keep up with dad since it's one of the many things they enjoy doing together.

Usually our Camden is seen with a football in hand, or listening to his favorite Christian music, he's been a true gift from God from day one. 

While we blended our family together with marriage, Camden made everyone brothers and sister--- because he was everyone's new baby bro.  And love him they did/do.

Even as we added in children from fostering or adopting, each one was his "new brother/sister." 

Never any hesitation with acceptance of them, no matter their needs or looks being different. He's a wonderful example of God's love for ALL our children.

Can't imagine life without this guy in it, seriously.

He's fun, energetic, smart, and a blessing from God.

Happy 14th Birthday Camden-- we love you always and forever!!


mom2three said...

Thank you for allowing us to share in watching your family grow up. Camden is just a couple of months younger than my fantastic 14 year old son, and I echo your sentiment, I can't imagine our lives without our blessing from God.

stevenjared0853 said...

Wow, it is really a great article. I completely enjoyed watching these photographs. Happy birthday Camden! He is just a few days elder than my youngest son. I am going to celebrate his 14th birthday at the best party places Miami. He is very excited for this outdoor party!