Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Not Chase, at least not yet.

THE GIRLS..... the littlest ones.  GASP.

They have gone to Outdoor School for the next 4 days and 3 nights.  

I kid you not.

They were excited, happy, excited, excited. Then Kat cried once on the bus:(

I am not worried about Phoebe, she's up for it. Kat has not been away from us since she was adopted.  Yup.  8 YEARS. Has not spent the night elsewhere except the night of Tristan's passing.

And even then she was with her siblings.

She's got Phoebe, although they are in separate cabins. And study groups. So Phoebe can not dump on Kat to do things for her, and Kat will not be picking on Phoebe. Yes, oh yes, they do those things. (Check out photo below and notice Kat making "bunny ears" on Phoebe's head)

Please understand they are almost 11 year old girls. They do things to each other, not one more than the other from what I can see. Some of it typical, some of it not nice and we have to address (often) and some just girlie drama that they test out on all of us.

Let's just say they will be MISSED for sure and it's going to be AWFULLY quiet around here. No girlie giggles. No talking through every meal till told to be quiet and EAT.

Odd. I don't like it. But I did what was needed. Told them to "Go, have fun" and that they would be back soon.

 Hugged them and sent them off.  Yes, I did. Encouraging them to learn all they could and have the best experience possible. 

 Love them.  Tons and tons.

 So very hard to let them gooooooooooo.............

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