Friday, August 15, 2014

Still here, busy days

I am TRYING  to get the last 5 from previous post done, but you'll have to wait for it.

Too much busy-ness. 

 Multiple trips for twice daily field hockey (Chloe) football (Camden) that can't possibly be scheduled close enough to field hockey to make it one trip for both (NAHHH), add in job interview, then training for not 1 but now 2 jobs for Chase (he's going to have to give up job #1 for the better job #2) and driver's permits for Chloe and Chase (Chance wasn't home).

Add in a job interview for Chloe and both us, "ol' parents" working--- life is just downright nuts.

We gotta get these kids driving, somehow. Both our vehicles are huge, not sure they will be able to learn to drive in either-- but if they are all going to work they will need to be able to help with transporting. Mom is only one gal.....

And I learned something else about my darling children--- they have no clue how to ASK "Does Thursday 8:30 am work for you MOM?"  Nope. They just say "Yes, okay." AND HANG UP. Then look at me like I will be thrilled that they have now made me a 4th trip in ONE DAY to "town" to get them to their job interview/training.

Totally not funny. I've learned another thing too-- when mom works nights and they all sleep--- they think mom doesn't need any sleep because they all are well rested. So those 2-3 hrs then gotta be up to take them all over is "No biggie" to THEM.

I'm very thankful they are finding jobs, passed their permit tests!! (YEAH)

Chance has gone missing, (just kidding MOM) he's been working with Uncle  (Ron's bro) for weeks now, what was to be a week, turned in to almost a month now. He came home today (via the train, all by himself!!)  because they start school next week, so he HAD to.

I missed my Chance. I mean it. There's no one else coming to me multiple times a day asking "Do you have anything I can do?" And meaning ANYTHING. I've said "Scrub toilets" and he will go do it. That boy is a worker. He wants to be busy.... I don't just miss his working either, I missed that easy smile of his:)

We didn't really get to celebrate the twins' birthdays, Chance was away and Chloe was at field hockey camp. So here's their 18th birthday pic together, can't believe how much they have grown. Both of them such wonderful kiddos.

Did I mention school???? Yes, back they go early this year, just in case we have many snow days again this winter.

We didn't have enough snow make up days last year so they go back early to hopefully avoid that this year.

Two 5th graders, 8th grader, 9th grader and two 11th graders. WOW. Down to "only" 6 sets of forms, I will hardly know what to do with myself on the first night of school.

School clothes are bought and ready, supplies packed in backpacks, and everyone (except Chance) is looking forward to going back. Summer has flown by just they always tend to do................. 

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Jennie said...

Vickie - I follow your blog and am inspired by your devotion to your children, including the teenagers. The adopted children are thriving so well! Was wondering if you have read Diane McCaslin's blog "My life in God's garden?" Your experiences may be unlike hers. She and her husband adopted two 14year old girls from China. Diane shares her feelings and fears openly and honestly.