Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Day

And it came again.

The first day of school. Came early this year, and by the look on a certain child's face (huh... Chance) some were not ready for this.

Chloe and Chance- 11th grade. High school.

Paisley 9th grade, High school.

Camden 8th grade, Middle School.

Kat and Phoebe 5th grade (different classes) last year of Elementary school.

Wow, is that odd. Last year of having anyone in elementary school?? How will I cope?

I just will, right?

We have a new ESL teacher, I guess we will all meet her tomorrow, the kids didn't even see her today at all???

Doesn't sound positive to me, so far:(   Guess we will see how that goes, I have a meeting with her tomorrow.

I didn't hear too much complaining although CHLOE did say on the way out the door this morning-- "Why won't you let me just quit school and work a job?"

I said "No way!  Have a great day:)"

I have surprisingly managed to fill out all the forms for the 6 of them-- there were MANY less this year-- yeah!!! Most of the stuff is now online and I signed a single form saying I would read the "guidelines" there. What a relief.

Paisley was doing her dish chore tonight, it's funny that Chance goes and helps her by putting away any leftovers and wiping the counters (without being asked because she would NEVER ask for help) as they always BICKER--- he said something to make her mad, and she said something about smacking him-- his response?  "You little girl, I'm not scared of you, who do you think you are?"

Her reply?  "YOUR SISTA."  Cracked me up. Totally. Can't let her size fool ya:)

The older kids all said "What about Chase?" When picture time came, then laughed when I reminded them--- "He graduated."  He was off to job training for BOTH his jobs today.

Busy kiddos.  It was very quiet here, I slept quite well (worked night shift) with them gone all day.

So a quiet, so far easy, new school year begins.  


mom2three said...

Love Kat's leggings and Phoebe's shoes. Enjoy the quiet.

Dottie P said...

Hi, Vicki,

I just wanted to let you know as an ESL teacher, we don't ever see kids the first day (unless we have a self-contained class), because we let kids get to know the regular teachers and learn the rules the first days, but also we have lots of testing of new kids to do as well as work on identifying new ESL kids and a ton of paperwork that allows us to get state money for our students. So it was not out of negligence that you didn't see their ESL teacher!

Love, love, love all your posts and really loved seeing Paisley's baptism pix and the You shouldn't adopt if...posts you did recently.

Keep up the good work!

Love and hugs,