Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Big boys

It's been a week or 2 about the "big boys" around here.

Derrik turned 29. WOW. Can't hardly believe that.  I feel so blessed to have my oldest son nearly 30 years of being his mom (and many other kids' mom, too:)

Jay turned 28.  Yep, close together birthdays, my two "boys."

Then, there's Brandon.   My current "problem child."  2 weeks ago he was hospitalized with a blood clot in his leg. He's an active, healthy 25 year old!

So, yes, I was shocked. I wasn't sure what in the world caused this. And it seems I am not alone. 

 Even after being treated and discharged, but not given the right meds to have his blood levels therapeutic there were no answers to what caused the blood clot. The idea was a genetic component/s from my side of the family:(

So Brandon arrived at my house Friday morning and I could tell he wasn't doing so well.  By afternoon I had him at a trauma center where he was immediately admitted. (Totally different place and much larger/experienced hospital than the first one he was admitted to).

He's got another (massive) blood clot. In the same leg.

He's not been able to get an idea even as of today, what has caused these clots. He's getting heparin to thin his blood, to hopefully avoid another clot forming, he's now got a filter so if any of the clot breaks off it will not be able to travel to his heart or lungs.

He's having surgery today in the form of a lymph node removal in  his arm, because it's enlarged and they are going to biopsy it to see why. I am storming my Father with prayers on this because they are looking for CANCER. Possibly leukemia.  The very demon that has plagued my family stealing member after member in the very early times of their lives. My Dad, age 37. My cousin 41. My uncle in his 40's. My mother (she survived) age 36.

Truthfully this has blown me away. I've been strong. I've been faithfully and continually praying for God to spare my son.

My quiet boy. Skinny to the point of scrawny, he's a good guy. There's no way to know "WHY", nor will I ask-- because I trust in HIM for the reason of this season.

But I do know that I've been trying to carry this burden without many folks knowing. And there's where I have gone wrong.  Because I need to ask YOU-- will you? Storm the heavens with prayer for my son, Brandon?

Father hears and knows. He knows my heart and how hard it is for me to share and ask for help. I'm His work-in-progress, ALWAYS:)  And I know I have to let this out and ask you all to pray for us.  And no matter the results here, I will faithfully trust in Him and glorify Him for the outcome here with Brandon. 

Thank you in advance friends/family.

Knowing you care means so much.................


kristine barr said...

Adding my prayers to yours.

Mary DeGennaro said...

Will definitely be praying! For Brandon, and YOU!!

K said...

I'll be praying like crazy with you. I'm glad you shared this with us. What a heavy load to carry all alone.

Grandma Shelley said...

hugs and prayers to you and yours Vickie.......

Jerry and Christy said...

I'll be praying for Brandon. Praying also that God will carry you and your family through this.

Unknown said...

Another prayer said.

Cayle said...

CONSTANT praying!

Cayle said...

CONSTANT praying!

Carissa Layton said...
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