Thursday, July 3, 2014

Possible answer?

Biopsy is over and no results back yet, BUT-----

From the blood tests of first blood clot/hospitalization we have a very possible answer.

Missing proteins (inherited issue) in the blood which affect clotting.  Doesn't look to be something that can be "fixed" but more likely prevention of new clots forming with blood thinners for his lifetime.

Also likely-- testing of ME-- to see if I have this/carry it so we know if the other bio kiddos need to be tested. We have a blended family so if I am not the carrier then it will affect fewer children and not my siblings or their children, therefore easier to test me first.

I always had in the back of my mind the concern of "no family health history" for our adopted kiddos was so scary, an unknown.  Goes to show there's no guarantees in life, in adoption, in genes inherited.

Never would have expected this but so incredibly thankful for all your prayers-- they really, really helped.  I'll update if any results of biopsy come back with anything but I believe the doctors are fairly sure this is our answer to the mystery of the blood clots. 

Thanks again for your support and prayers- it really means so much:)


Leesa said...

My daughter had a blood clot in her arm at 19. Genetic testing showed she had the prothrombin gene mutation which she received from one parent. Since my dad had also had 2 blood clots before the mutation was discovered, I had the blood test and was also positive for the gene mutation. Prayers to you and your family that the clot is resolved quickly and the continued blood thinners prevent any further clots. Six years after her initial clot, my daughter has had no further issues although every unusual pain worries her enough that she's gone to the emergency room twice just to have things checked out. Hang in there!

Dottie P said...


I haven't read your blog in about a week, so I missed the earlier opportunity to pray for your son, but I will pray for him now. I am thankful that it was not cancer and that you are alerted to check out what might be in your body. I am praying that you do not have that gene, but His will be done.



PB & Ace said...
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PB & Ace said...
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Chris said...

Prayers! Hopefully answers soon. Where will Phoebe go for her hip surgery (If she does have it) ? We use Shriner's in Phila for our ortho stuff...not sure tho if they do hip replacements