Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Yep, Brandon is here. We busted him out (not really) on Thursday,  July 3.  Actually, they were anxious to boot him out and then took over 4 hours to get everything ready and send him out.

Mother (me) must have forgotten or been OWED (I used to work in a hospital and can't recall that I ever "took  my time" to discharge anyone but I am betting someone may have thought that over my long career there.)

Let's just say "Paybacks suck."  Cause in my huge brain fart, I also took 3 children with me. 3 HUNGRY children, who were supposed to go to a picnic then watch fireworks. OOPS. Big OOPS.

'Cause Brandon's nurse took her SWEET ol' time getting us out of there, we arrived at 5 pm expecting 45 min or so?  4 hours and 10 minutes later, we missed said picnic and all but 1 (seriously) ONE firework.

Needless to say, Camden, Kat and Phoebe were NOT happy:(  Sorry kids, Mom, bad.

We did have another picnic Friday, then a campfire, the older ones got to go cray fishing with their Youth Group and have a yummy lunch of their catch.

Saturday and yesterday the home nurse came to test Brandon's blood level and today he had his follow up doctor appt. Basically he said life long blood thinners.  It can take up to a year for the leg clot to fully dissolve, we didn't realize that.

I go next week to get my labs done to see if I have this.  Doctor today said it's a dominate trait, meaning I will have it or not, there's no "carrying the gene" and not having it. I highly suspect I do have this so it won't be a surprise to hear that I do. And if so then testing moves on to the other children as well as MY siblings and their children as needed.

Otherwise I have 11 doctor appts, this week and next, not kidding ya-- all the kids go for their yearly physicals and I do them in lump appointments so those are on tap for this week.  Along with Paisley's yearly heart check up.  Makes me thankful that for the most part, we do have a healthy (and lively) bunch here.

We hung out last night with a wonderful adoptive family from Oregon, they were in our area and we talked adoption for HOURS:))) Lynne and family-- thanks for taking time to "hang" with us and we so enjoyed meeting you!!  (Sorry, no pictures, I had my camera but do you think I remembered to get a picture of all the kids? NOPE:(

That's what we are up to, what's everyone else doing so far this summer holiday??  


~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

So glad your son is home and is doing well!
My daughter and I went to Easter Seals Camp Challenge for two weekends. We cared for special needs campers ranging in age from 48 to 10. Dd is finishing her last semester of her AA and then off to UCF in Aug. Busy getting her emotionally ready to be away from home for the first time and getting all the things that she will need. Family is visiting from Conn for another week.

Terry said...

So glad I found your blog!

mom2three said...

Eleven Dr. appts!? Wow! That will keep you running. We've been doing camps. All 3 kids just got back from church camp. They had a blast making new friends, having fun, and learning more about God. They are ready to go back next year. Oldest daughter and son have one more camp each, husband and son are headed off for a missions trip to Missouri, and then school starts again. The summer is zooming past.