Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cheer Camp

As crazy busy as it gets around here this time of year, we were not sure about adding Cheer Camp when Kat brought home the paper for it.

BUT------ she really, Really, REALLY wanted to do it.

So, since it was only a week, and "only" an hour and a half each night with a "grand finale" on the last night, we decided it would be worth the insanity time to let her go.

It also gave some time for her and Phoebe to have a break from each other, and Phoebe to have some one on one Mom time:)


 Kat had a total blast, she learned some cheers, a flip and is very sure she wants to cheer for football next year.

The girls who coached were the High School cheerleaders and they were sooooo nice to the girls, made it a ton of fun for them.

After we went to her program we stopped off at a local store, goodness we are a bunch of goofs in a store.

We were looking for those long skewer thingys to cook hot dogs, marshmallows on the camp fire? 

 We finally did find some, not till we had travelled through the whole store though. Isn't that how it ALWAYS is?

Since we now are the proud owners of skewers and can forgo the sticks Chance had sharpened for us to use, we will probably enjoy a nice flaming fire this evening, courtesy of Chance.

Our fire lovin' guy.  Just gotta try out those new skewers, ya know?

Another happening this week, Writer's Celebration for the girls as well as the Science Fair. 

Kat wrote a book about her friends and subjects she likes in school.

Phoebe wrote about her friends, the movie Fr*zen which she is totally nuts about and drew pictures as well from the movie.

Their Science Fair projects were fun-- Phoebe's was pretty simple because she didn't HAVE to do one but we didn't want her to feel left out, so dad helped her make a barometer.

Kat worked on hers mostly herself and it was all about Cats. By Kat:) 

The girls are enjoying many days of movies, celebrations, field trips, etc. as our school year winds down.

It's been a fun year with a teacher they both really, really like and will miss.

But soon they will officially be 5th graders------ WOW.

Where does the time go.........


Joy said...

I can see how Phoebe would love Frozen. She has Elsa's beautiful hair.

Jennine Stalder said...

First of all, I have to say I love the photos. Second, that must have been one great cheer camp. I do think cheer camps are always worth it, with the experience, fun times and memories it will bring. I’m sure it’d be a great stepping stone if your daughters are wanting to become a cheerleader. :D

Jennine Stalder @ UE Sports