Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Keeping you up on the totals for the Anderson boys:))

Cause God is good and I want to be sure we are seeing Him work. Yes, He is. 

You see, often when fundraising it's really, really hard to not look at the total and think--- wow, so far off:(

But that's not what God says to do-- We have to rejoice in His provisions. And He is providing, in His time, in His way---

$884 total of the $15K needed.

Yippeeeee!!!  It's happening!

And if you need the link again because you thought, "Oh, I'll do that later......"  and missed it, just don't miss out!!

Adding Andersons (Click for caring donation site)

or here  Danny and Wayne (Click here for Reece's Rainbow donation site)

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