Monday, May 19, 2014

Two Years

It's been a busy month so far- here we are with another "Gotcha Day:)"

Yep, this one a bit different, no jet lag was involved, not a super long wait.  Really a surprise to us, but no less wanted-- our Paisley girl arrived late at night via a long car journey but came smiling and very ready to give us a go.

We weren't sure what to expect with this "new one" in some ways. We were well prepared for behaviors she would eventually try out on us, but we didn't know how open and willing she would be to us. This  was HUGE for the success of her becoming one of the family.

Not that there weren't bumps. Please, understand, not one adoption has been without bumps. Bumps big and small, tears from them and us, worry about how things are going, if we are helping them enough, too much, etc.

 There's no magic here-- just God guiding and helping us when we are uncertain-- that's Who we go to- God.

We made the day Paisley arrived as her "Gotcha Day" because that's the day we got her. Her time in China  being adopted reminded me of Chloe's in many ways-- she doesn't remember a lot, she's blocked out a lot because they were in shock. Chloe over leaving her brothers, Paisley over being adopted.

We have not-one-doubt she NEEDED to be adopted. Her adoption was a God thing, first family led to adopt her last minute. Her health issues were so severe and poorly managed in China that she really needed to be here for her to have better health. The "forever family" was big too, but it didn't go well for first family.

Our joy in adding her to our family is now first family's peace. Peace and healing that God DID intend for her to be adopted by them, we were not able/ knew nothing of her at her adoption time, which was days before she would have aged out. BUT the steps that led to her coming to us were clearly God given. 

First family made some of the HARDEST ever decisions when things did not go well at all and this child was one very unhappy camper. Unselfishly they looked beyond themselves and they accepted that she needed a different family dynamic to start over in.  Language was huge to her- we had  teens who were still fluent in Mandarin so there were immediate connections for her. 

Chloe helped pick her new name, one she took with happiness from the start. She was Paisley from Day 1. 

Another plus- a big sister to help guide her along the way, one who had already walked through adoption from China as a teen.

She even "paid it forward" when we adopted Phoebe, helping to guide her way within our family.  

She's a treasure, that's for sure. Doing great in school, she's quiet but will make her needs known, when needed. She has gone from to being "on guard" to "comfortable." Very clearly she's found her place. She's more apt to write me a note to tell me something important, but that's fine. It's communication:)

She does have a passionate side, which we see when Chance "gets her goat"-- they pick at each other mostly about who knows more, who is smarter, further ahead in school- etc. She raised the bar for the boys which was a very good thing. Gave them some healthy competition in learning.

Not to mention how neat she is, and my only freckled face girl:)  I love those adorable freckles. She's tiny in size but mighty in spunk/ personality. Without-a-doubt. 

Her recent doctor appointment brought some bad and good news. Bad news, her hips are deteriorating more. I expected to hear this, her gait has gotten stiffer and I suspected as much. But to her complete JOY-- she grew ONE INCH. Now, no laughing, when you are told you will likely never grow and are 4 ft 6 inches, that's a huge amount. 

So big she came home and told dad she is SIX foot, 7 inches, and he said "WHAT???" We laughed together and I corrected her, it's 4 foot, 7 inches or 55 inches. 

 I thought she had gained some weight and was over the guidelines her doc had given her but she had gained (she's 70 lbs) and it was okay with her new height--phewwww. Still tiny as can be for 16 1/2 years old but the motto is "Good things come in small packages."

And she's a "Good Thing." For sure. No doubt about that one. A different route but no less "ours."  A treasured daughter. Loved, forever more, our freckle faced China girl.

Happy Gotcha Day Miss Paisley, daughter o' ours, we love you!! Couldn't love you more...........


mom2three said...

Two years already! I love how God works all things together. Happy Gotcha Day, Paisley.

Dottie P said...

Amazing! And the inner growth is so much more... Beautiful pictures!

Sue said...

Happy gotcha day Paisiley.

K said...

Time sure does fly! I'm sorry to hear about her hips, but I am thrilled for her about that entire inch she gained!

Anne Krause said...

What a beautiful young lady! God's plans are always the best and she has an extra special story on how she arrived in your family. Adoption is never easy, but Paisley is obviously thriving in your home. Happy Gotcha Day!